Here’s Why My Xbox One Is Still DisKinected

Dylan Z of iGR writes: "I went through, carefully unpacking the many objects, but when the time came to remove Kinect from its resting place; I hesitated."

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FITgamer1700d ago

Sneaky Microsoft. "Xbox One can be operated without Kinect plugged in...but we are going to annoy the hell out of you until you break and plug it in."

Livecustoms1700d ago

*And charge you an extra $100 lol

cleft51700d ago

If you buy the Xbox One, you might as well give the Kinect a chance. The reality is that if you want to make some sort of stance you would not have brought the Xbox One at all. I didn't buy a Xbox One because of privacy issues related to the Kinect, etc. But if you have put down the $500 you might as well give the Kinect a whirl because you already supported it when you paid $500 for the Xbox One.

GarrusVakarian1700d ago

My Kinect is staying in the box, i just don't have any use for it. Im perfectly comfortable using a controller to do everything and it annoys me that it's included with every X1. A Kinect-less SKU would be very appealing to many people.

Ketzicorn1700d ago

Their going to have to eventually drop the Kinect. I'm a Day 1 buyer and its not a big deal to me even though I won't use it for much but with all the reports of it not working as advertised even less people are going to want to buy it after the intial rush knowing that Kinect is the reason the price is so high and will wait untill they drop it and the price before they buy one.

beerzombie1700d ago Show
UnHoly_One1700d ago

I am willing to bet both my XB1 and my PS4 that we will NEVER see them sell the XB1 without Kinect.

It won't happen.

Not saying I agree with that, just predicting that it isn't going to happen.

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TheEnigma3131700d ago

MS please make a Kinectless SKU; most people don't want it.

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pompombrum1700d ago

It's because people don't want it that they are including it with the Xbox lol. They are deluding themselves into thinking kinect is going to revolutionize gaming and know the only way developers will support it is if the adoption rate is high enough.

TheEnigma3131700d ago

Even then, I still don't think developers will use it much. First party games may, but I doubt 3rd party will use it.

Death1700d ago

It's too bad the PS4 didn't include similar tech. Without it, devs will have less of a reason to support the tech since it's not available on both consoles.

UnHoly_One1700d ago

Almost guaranteed that this will never happen.

Themba761700d ago

I would buy there console if they did that

supes_241700d ago

I'd buy a Kinect less Xbox for sure. I agree with you on that, they need at least two options for gamers. I hate how they're forcing it on people. They kind of have to tho, with all the media they're trying to do with the Xbox such as Skype and voice commands.

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-Foxtrot1700d ago

If your keeping it disconnected from your console then what was the point in buying the launch should of just waited for Kinect-less bundle which will come out next year if the sales are low enough.

UnHoly_One1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

I really think you guys that are counting on this are going to surprised.

I think there is a nearly ZERO percent chance that they ever release a Kinect-less model.

FragMnTagM1699d ago

I don't see it happening either. It works really well from what I used of it last night.

It got confused a couple times out of the 100 or so commands I threw at it. That is a pretty good success rate.

Some of the commands aren't quite clear right away, but if you say "XBOX" then wait a second, it will give more voice options. If you say XBOX and whatever you want to do quickly, the extra commands menu won't have time to pop up as it instantaneously goes to what you want.

I am sure there are going to be faulty units and there will be people complaining, but when it works, it is quite awesome.

CalebZachary84111700d ago

Probably so they can play now?

-Foxtrot1700d ago

But the games aren't going anywhere...

CalebZachary84111700d ago

No, they aren't going anywhere. But have you ever built up a back log so large you never got to a game you really wanted to play? If there is a game THEY MUST HAVE right now, then it makes sense.

UnHoly_One1699d ago

Just curious, Fox, why are you so convinced they WILL release one without Kinect?

UnHoly_One1699d ago

That's not really an answer.

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Blues Cowboy1700d ago

I'm enjoying Kinect, TBH. It's not exactly the slickest thing ever, and god knows it REALLY should have been smaller, but it's just really... fun.

That said, I'd have forgotten about it if the installs weren't taking so damn long, maybe.

BTW, Xbox One Skype is outstanding. Really cool, even tracks you around the room.

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