New PS4 ad takes direct jab at Xbox One's 720p games

A new commercial from Sony has a subtle yet clear jab at Microsoft's new Xbox One console.

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Kayant1580d ago

I was waiting for a site to pick it up. Dat neogaf opinion -->

I found it funny tbh. The next-gen trolling from both camps have been great

alexkoepp1580d ago

I think it's funny cause Ryse is the best looking next gen title and it's on the XB1. Where is that 50% power difference?

GarrusVakarian1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

I disagree, Killzone SF's campaign is unbelievably good looking, better than RYSE in-game visually. But that's just my opinion. RYSE is a linear 900p game whereas Killzone has much larger/open areas and is full native 1080p which is another thing to take into consideration.

That extra power will show as time goes on, trust me. It's already showing with the multiplats. I know people say this a lot but Naughty Dogs next game is going to blow everyone away graphically, you can bet on that.

Kayant1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

"Where is that 50% power difference?"

So the res difference & better AA in some third party games is just fluff???

Ryse is an exclusive it looks amazing just like KZ does. Both are near equal but realistically it's hard to judge as this is not an apples to apples comparison considering they are entirely two different games.

Ryse - 900p
KZ - 1080p

Now just taking res advantage into account if KZ was @900p how much better would it look?

There is a collective difference in power between the two just because a third-party game doesn't look *50%* better doesn't mean the power difference is non-existent whatever percentage it truly is. Third-parties don't spend as much time as first-party or second party devs with spend optimising a single platform. The very fact there is a difference in res shows that PS4 is more powerful if not why would devs bother with the extra res if it's going to preform worse than XB1 at that res also in some cases it even preforms than XB1 even with the res advatange E.g BF4.

Like Lukas_Japonicus the difference will be more apparent in the coming years when devs play around with both systems more.

MasterCornholio1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

And Ryse runs at 900P with framerate drops to 16FPS.

Try harder.

Killzone looks fantastic and it runs at 1080P with an extremely good framerate something that Ryse cant claim.

You lost

OrangePowerz1580d ago

It's done by Crytek, also that game was in development for years.

And given the bland gameplay and narrow corridors in Ryse there are plenty of resources available to make good graphics.

TheTwelve1580d ago

Killzone actually looks like real life.

Or, at least, what real life would look like in that world, lol.

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MysticStrummer1580d ago

"I think it's funny cause Ryse is the best looking next gen title"

I think it's funny that you actually believe that.

Cuzzo631580d ago

Must never seen the Dark sorcerer tech demo. Ps4 I might add. Anything is possible with less things to worry about. If this is the best xb1 can do then I would be worried

Jaqen_Hghar1580d ago

Killzone Shadowfall looks better and is more open and Resogun is more impressive technically. There it is

Boody-Bandit1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Killzone is drop dead gorgeous. Runs smooth as silk and has incredible draw distance.

Ryse is none of the above.

on topic
If I was Sony I would absolutely use their power to their advantage while advertising the PS4. It's not like MS and their devs don't boast every chance they can get and usually it's wishful think and speculation (The Power Cloud). I mean how many times is Turn 10 or MS reps going to call Forza the definitive racing game?

At least Sony is being honest / using facts.

Jury1580d ago

It went into making cod and battlefield run at a higher res than the xbox

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AngelicIceDiamond1580d ago

Its funny because people will forget all about this whole fiasco and move on to th next thing.

Wow you guys are really hating Ryse what's the deal? Lol what did Ryse ever do to yall?

sweendog1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Yeah I have enjoyed it a lot. Im 31 and not that bothered. But in looking at news for next gen I stumbled upon this site about 6-9 months ago and the shit people give each other took me back to the playground at 14! Im not inocent though I have joined in but only to sit back and laugh at the replies!
I thought trolling was picking on individuals to the point of them contemplating suicide before I came on this site, so the first time I was called a troll I thought 'Shit some xbox losser is slitting his wrist right now'

ZBlacktt1580d ago

So you just randomly assumed they meant Xbox? Why cannot it not be them stating a fact about their product? If mine does 1080p and my competition does 720p. Why would I not market that achievement? At the end of the day both are trying to sell a product. You can take the add how ever you like. But it's message got you thinking and that was it's whole point.

GribbleGrunger1580d ago

I agree. It appears that if Sony now actually promote their product, it's automatically trolling the opposition. Perhaps Sony should dumb down their adverts so they don't upset people. Perhaps the hosts of Top Gear should stop trolling cars by driving other cars faster.

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GribbleGrunger1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Would you mind taking your 'p***s licking' elsewhere please, there are gentlemen present. Off you go dear chap ... tootle pip.

chiefconcern1580d ago

Have to say I don't think all 3rd party games are going to be 720p vs 1080p Ps4 favor. The devs probably had a harder time getting it there on the xbox one vs PS4, but will get more comfortable with time and I don't think you'll see much a difference in the future. Only time will tell.

Hercules1891580d ago

I accidentally hit disagree instead of agree. But yeah all these people making a big deal about games that are sub1080p and below 60fps but nobodys making a big deal about driveclub being sub60fps. If the PS4 was as powerful and easy to develop for as they said it is, Driveclub shouldve been a launch title and at 1080p and 60fps.

Funnymonkey0131580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

How about that it does a lot 4 it to equal 1080p at 60 like night and day weather and high res graphics compared to forza 5 let's say like no day and night no weather fewer cars and tracks on forza 5 plus it was rushed I can tell. So whatever u said is false and ps4 is better with game graphics then X1 hell every single games look better then X1 first or 3rd party games on PS4. Plus I'm glad they push DC at later date so we can get a complete experience with 1080p 60 weather high end graphics more tracks unlike forza 5 that is a step backward compared to 4 and hell even 3 with content I mean forza 1 even has more cars and tracks then 5. Plus we know y forza 5 is even 1080p at 60 cause so much content had been cut in order 4 it to equal 1080p 60.

ZBlacktt1580d ago

No one made a big deal about Driveclub being sub 60fps because they didn't have to. The developers of the game did and that's why it was delayed. They want gamers to have the best experience they can. As far as ease to develop for we have to take in account the size of some studios vs others.

Tooly1580d ago


chiefconcern1580d ago

I do think everyone is getting WAY too carried away. Who in the F cares really? I purchased the one knowing what it does and doesnt. I'll purchase the ps4 knowing what it does and doesnt.

Why is there such hate on each system? I honestly don't get it. These companies could give a rats ass about us, truth.

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Silly Mammo1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

But the same can be said for developers becoming more comfortable with the PS4. It won't be stagnant on PS4 side either.

toddybad1580d ago

That was nothing to do with Xbox 720/1080 graphics. It was just an effect reflecting graphics in general like every other slide had a special effect to show something. Jesus people stoop low for news these days.

mrnice1580d ago

have both my babies just enjoy the one the most i have 50 inch tv and can tell little difference ps4 more sharper the xbox more lighter ps4 on battlefield a bit to dark in placers and no lag prob on the xbox one. both very good and more than happy.

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