Talking Point: Is the PS4's Limited Launch Lineup a Problem?

Push Square: "Subtract resolution from the equation and the hottest topic of the past few days has pertained to launch lineups. With new consoles from both Sony and Microsoft prompting platform warriors to froth at the mouth, the weeks leading up to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One’s respective launches have been spent scrutinising the selection of exclusives available for each format. But how important is it to have a suite of system sellers on day one?"

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Godmars2901726d ago

Only if you're not online and don't like F2P titles.

black0o1726d ago

only if have 1K $ avg gamer buys 2-3 games with new hardware and there's like 10 AAA titles including the big hitters

wut more could we ask for

Godmars2901726d ago

A Starfox/Colony Wars clone.
A mech title with unit customizations and destructible environments.
An open world flaying game based on Sky Gunner.
And loads of JRPGs which advance several mechanics.

pyramidshead1726d ago

Over 1mil sold day one, even after delays of two big new IPs....yet it still breaks records? My guess is nope :P.

joab7771726d ago

No. What would most ppl b playing right now anyway. If u bought a new console its b/c u r investing in the future. The perks r that u get a better experience while playing the best looking versions of current games. U get a great controller and u even get a frw good games u can't play otherwise. U would be playing all these games anyway at this time of yr.

GamersRulz1726d ago

No, the thing is sold out everywhere!

kiz26941726d ago

It's not limited at all. A wide range of games from f2p to stellar PSN games like Resogun, then you have the big hitters like BF4, AC4, COD Ghosts and good exclusives as well, KZ:SF and Knack.

EXVirtual1726d ago

I'm not getting a PS4 at launch, but some people want the launch titles for the PS4. It's as simple as that. If people really thought the PS4 was not worth buying at launch, it wouldn't have sold over 1 million units in 24 hours.

GribbleGrunger1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

Jesus Christ, these article. It's not limited at all. We went through a whole generation were this industry pointed out the differences between multiplatform games on the 360 and the PS3, and even though those differences were minuscule, they still awarded the 'best' label to the 360. Then in the last two years, when the 360 had hardly any exclusives and the PS3 had more than people could handle, it was decided that most people only buy multiplats anyway.

Now we have next generation were 1080p versus 720p is a pointless, worthless comparison and makes absolutely no difference in terms of which console to buy. And suddenly multiplatform games are irrelevant again, and it's the exclusives that matter. What's more, Indies don't count and FTP games don't count either.

Funny that, isn't it:

pyramidshead1726d ago

So much agree. Inb4: "all those free to plays and indie games don't count!"

It's going to be interesting to see what people say when Microsoft start talking about their new free to play games they're working on in their new studios, money well spent aye? ;).

first1NFANTRY1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

reason why i don't take any of these pathetic sites seriously lol. way too many hypocrites.

anyone who claims resolution doesn't matter all of a sudden i immediately downvote. that's the only way to disregard their nonsense.

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