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Submitted by mudvayne_nothin 807d ago | review

Ryse: Son of Rome Review | XboxExclusive

Johnny McNair writes:

"Ryse: Son of Rome will allow you to act out your 300 or Spartacus fantasies, but at its core it is just a hack-n-slash game. The best element of the game is the stunning graphics that show you what the Xbox One will be able to deliver. More variety in gameplay would have been welcomed to make this one a killer app, but as it stands Ryse: Son of Rome is more of a taste of what is to come in the Xbox One’s bright future." (Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One) 80/100

sourav93  +   807d ago
An 8/10 for Ryse when most review websites gave it a 5 or a 6? Oh wait...the site's called makes sense...
mdluffy  +   807d ago
Indeed, this isn't even funny...
FANTA1180  +   807d ago
yea i figured , just like sony sites rating their own games ...
Bathyj  +   807d ago
Nothing wrong with a dedicated site rating exclusives, but if you want credibility you have to be a bit reasonable. An 8 doesnt sound like that.
FANTA1180  +   806d ago
man i played ryse a bit and it plays very well.

not sure if its an 8 well see how much more diverse it gets. lol
Hicken  +   806d ago
You're not an unbiased source, yourself, so you agreeing with another biased source doesn't exactly do anything for your credibility OR theirs.
chrissx  +   807d ago
Seeing an 8 for this game is so rare. But the name of the website explains this I guess
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SlapHappyJesus  +   807d ago
Again, as FANTA just above you stated, this is no different than all but one of the Sony-centric sites giving Shadowfall a 75+ rating.
Bathyj  +   807d ago
Are you comparing Shadowfall to Ryse?

Most people who played it admit it plays very well and is a great game. Some cant get over the fact that it doesnt revolutionise the genre (cos EVERY game has to do that right) or they didnt like the story.

The gameplay and graphics are very solid to awesome. No one denies that. Face it, the media has loved to hate Killzone scorewise since "Halokiller" and the E3 trailer.

Ryse is getting no where near that kind of positive response about the gameplay. I'm not going to list all of its shortcomings, look them up if your interested. Lets just say if Killzone has higher scores it deserves it.
Dunban67  +   807d ago
If they are going to give Ryse and 80 they may as well give it a 100

Its like robbing a bank then patting yourself on the back because you only took $10,000 when you had the chance to take $100,000
shammgod  +   807d ago
That comment is going to fuel me thru the rest of my work day!
hankmoody  +   807d ago
How many Sony focused sites gave Knack great scores when most other sites gave it a thumbs down? I love how some of you make it sound like PS focused sites don't do the exact same thing.

Ryse's scores have been all over the place regardless. Some people like it while others hate it and others are on the fence about it. Maybe you should just play it and make up your own mind about it rather than going by someone else's opinions or immediately assuming it's garbage because it's on a competing system?
AngelicIceDiamond  +   807d ago
"Some people like it while others hate it and others are on the fence about it. Maybe you should just play it and make up your own mind about it rather than going by someone else's opinions"


You can read and watch all you want but nothing substitutes a Tv screen in front of you and controller in your hand.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   807d ago
I wish MS would of contracted Crytek to work on the X1 version early on. And drop the Kinect gameplay early on for a fully fledged out fighting system.

If MS contracts Crytek for Ryse 2: King Of Rome then I have a feeling it will be beast.
lifeisgamesok  +   807d ago
I just got done beating half of this game and I cannot for the life of me understand the bad ratings the game is amazing.

The executions really make you feel like you're in control of a warrior in the movie 300

And also Killzone is better than I thought it would be though I haven't actually played it just seen some of the walkthrough
christocolus  +   807d ago
My friends are all having fun with the game...and my cousin who is a big forza fan hasnt even touched forza yet been switching between dr3,ki and ryse all day...guess ill definitly be getting a copy of ryse now.
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lifeisgamesok  +   807d ago
You owe it to yourself to get this game buddy especially if you like Spartacus and 300.

This game has enough to make it not boring it's totally up to how you play it

I love stringing executions together and mixing up heavy n light attacks and using the freeze enemy focus power

Get this my friend :)
Gore-Content  +   807d ago
Nope! Metacritic: 6.0
Hercules189  +   807d ago
In the gaming world a 50 is actually average and is expected to have mixed reviews. The best way to judge a game is to look at some gameplay videos, look at the content of the reviews cause some people have different standards like if the story is too complicated or not complicated enough or some people actually dont like hack and slash games and if they dont that makes their opinion less valid.
baodeus  +   807d ago
That is why graphic doesn't equate to good game (KZ or RYSE). I guess I'll go play bayonetta on Wii u then cause for sure I'm not gonna be disappointed with the addicting gameplay.

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