Be Better Than Other Families With Wii Sports Club

Nintendo’s newest Wii U “Pitch” commercial has children yet again schooling their parents on why it’s time to “upgrade” to the Wii U.

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exfatal1703d ago

Great commerical and obviously since its something good coming out of Nintendo everyone will ignore it :p

Where all the bad news at?!

CaulkSlap1703d ago

I'm betting that boy wants a PS4 or Xbox for Christmas.

RPG_Lover1703d ago

systems that break and have no games? no thanks

naiyo1703d ago

should have done this day one with wii sport club being free.

JuleyJules1703d ago

Hopefully Nintendo keeps up the advertising going forward. All these help whether people want to accept it or not. I'm glad I'm now actually seeing commercials on TV for Wii U. Reviews certainly don't hurt either when they're as positive as the ones for SM3DW!!