Crash Bandicoot returns

A few days ago, world news said that the brand Crash Bandicoot returns under the wing of its original authors. Do not have treated these reports seriously, because similar revelations appeared in the past. It seems that this time we made a mistake.

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wishingW3L1760d ago

on top of it submitted as "news". =/

Black-Helghast1760d ago

Omg my heart stopped until I actually read the article. -_-

DA_SHREDDER1761d ago

crash racing and a new ND spyro game please

smashman981760d ago

Naughty dog didn't make spyro

DA_SHREDDER1760d ago

I know but it was published by Sony, you dorks think i need to explain everything for your sake, suck it

Pintheshadows1760d ago

Well done, you just called someone on the gaming site YOU are a also member of a dork. A word no one has used in at least a decade. Congratulations DA_SHREDDER. You should feel proud.

Hellsvacancy1759d ago

I'd much prefer another Spyro game (like the early games)

I'll be happy enough with another Crash game

SilentNegotiator1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Same. I liked Crash, but no where near as much as Spyro.

How did all of the great 3D platformer heroes get so messed up (besides Mario)? Oh right, MS and Activison got their hands on them.

MightyNoX1760d ago

Someone needs to make 'I'm with CoCo' shirt only with Coco instead of O'Brien.

tigertron1760d ago

It was just shot down by Gameinformer though. :(

Rockefellow1760d ago

What a disgusting translation by Google. Also, this was disproven hours ago by Game Informer, so this shouldn't even be up anymore. Why are the mods so lazy?

ZodTheRipper1760d ago

Why did the community approve it?

Rockefellow1758d ago

Yes, you've got a good point there.

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