Men's Journal: Why You Should Get an Xbox One

Men's Journal - Microsoft is focusing more on the connected living room experience with Xbox One, evolving the total entertainment console concept far beyond the Xbox 360. The company that Bill Gates built also remains committed to its Kinect motion sensor technology, which does much more than just allow players to "become the controller" for games. When coupled with the entertainment offerings, Kinect's voice and motion controls now can run your entire living room. And yes, it's as cool as it sounds.

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jagiii1644d ago

Both systems have weak launch titles.

infectedaztec1643d ago

I dunno... the difficulty I have is trying to afford all the games I want to play....Dead Rising, Forza and yes, maybe even Ryse (alot of low reviews but also alot of high ones - similar to KZ).

I also want BF4 and maybe FIFA and AC

SCW19821643d ago

Can you please show me these "high" reviews you speak of?

mattdillahunty1643d ago

out of 39 critic reviews on metacritic, only five of them are above a 70, and only two are 80 or higher. i wouldn't call that a lot of high reviews.

omi25p1642d ago

who cares about the high reviews its a great game. Killzone and Knack got some really bad reviews yet people are loving them aswell.

Reviewers are just paid morons who got lucky.

Danniel11643d ago

I don't mind the titles, I'm just not gonna spend hundreds of pounds on a system for them. When there's a Destiny release date and Bethesda announces Fallout 4 then we'll see.

NeoTribe1642d ago

You people act like these few games for next gen consoles are all were gonna have forever. Its obvious you can't afford it. Most new games from now on will be on next gen also in a drastically improved state so there's no reason not to step up your console experience.

Remy_S1643d ago

If you have more money than brains.

Goku7811643d ago

The abilty to run other systems thru it while degraging the quality. Voice Commands that work some of the time, extra 100 for motion gaming minus a lot of motion games. Ryse, the show case game not even 1080p with an avg score of about a 3 from a lot of reviews. The best game Forza is incomplete short of enough cars and tracks. The best thing about it is the controller which is still not as good as the PS4's. Using cloud servers to improve AI and deversify things is a great idea, but trying to sell the idea that it makes the Xbox One more powerful than the PS4 is false advertisement. It's just extra servers MS provides for more than just Xbox One. game. I bought a 360 for one game, that was 300 or 400 gone right there. So I should by an Xbox One for what? No reason right now.

Danniel11643d ago

That isn't Trolling, those are just opinions that you could refute if you were inclined to try.

Pintheshadows1643d ago

My first taste of next gen was Dead Rising 3. That was a disappointment. It is ugly. The character models are ok but some of it looks current gen. Yeah, the number of zombies on screen is nuts but it combine all the elements and it really doesn't. The game is only ok as well.

In fairness I had played AC4 on PS4 but only for 3 minutes at MCM. And I have played Metro Last Light cranked up to the max on PC. Those two are more next gen then anything I have seen on the X1 so far.

Ryse just starting, looks lovely. A lot more like what I am going to expect visually from this new gen.

omi25p1642d ago

I personally think Ryse is incredible.

I am enjoying Dead Rising 3 but as a co-op game. But i certainly wouldn't say its a next gen experience but i think its a good game.

mochachino1643d ago

Well MS had the media in its pocket, it's a much larger company than Sony and has a lot more weight to throw around.

But this gen, it seems Sony has the gamers.

Pintheshadows1643d ago

Sony has the important part of the equation. Pulling the wool over someones eyes, what ever your stature, is impossible in todays connected world.

The truth is always going to come out. MS still operate like it is the 90's.