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Here's the Xbox One's "Green Screen of Death" Caught on Video

As expected, The Xbox One is not a magical device with no failure rate, and many reports are starting to surface about the "green screen of death," a bit of an overly dramatic name for a freeze happening at the initial loading screen that prevents the user to use the console. (Xbox One)

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   557d ago
lmao they have a name for everything these days
antbolton89  +   557d ago
Always ends with "OF DEATH" aswell
amiga-man  +   557d ago
Well that sucks
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ThunderSpark  +   557d ago
RROD reincarnated
UltimateMaster  +   557d ago
Kinda slow to open up.
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DeadManIV  +   557d ago
Got to be dramatic
jatakk  +   557d ago
This video is utter BS! When you first turn on the X1 it'll take longer to boot up than this video actually is. Wonder why he cut it so short.. lol

If you don't believe it, check out some other videos.. for example this one (from 21m40s): https://www.google.no/url?s...

This is just a weak attempt from a Sony fancy trying to discredit the

* LOL @ disagree
Sony fanboys will lie till they believe the lies themselves
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Kayant  +   557d ago

So all the Xbox fans on the Xbox forums are obviously trying to also discredit the XB1 as well? Right.... *Rolls eyes*




mkis007  +   557d ago
He owns an xb1 meaning he paid money to MS meaning he probably isn't a fanboy.

Just as the articles of mass failures were bs last week after ps4 came out dude...mostly bs but there are some issues to be expected.
nix  +   557d ago

gotta love the "the bearer of good news" and "angel" Sly Impact trolling the threads.
frostypants  +   557d ago
It all goes back to the "Blue Screen of Death" in Windows.
rainslacker  +   556d ago
AFAIK MS did have the first "of death" with the BSOD on their windows operating system way back in the day when I was just a wee lad.
falviousuk  +   556d ago
To echo the comment of another poster above, the initial startup does take a while on the xbox one, far longer than this video lasted for. I didnt time mine, but it was at least two minutes when i first started it up. The green screen with the logo is the startup screen. It would have been better if MS had some sort of progress bar in inform users whats happening though.

Try leaving it on for a while before shouting failure.
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darthv72  +   557d ago
some are reporting a long delay due to a system update in the background. Others are reporting the screen goes to black after several minutes.

something whacky is going on that could be associated to the system update.

edit: much like sony did recently with update 1.51...perhaps Ms will release a day two patch?
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Neonridr  +   557d ago
absolutely darth, I mean on a cold boot the Xbox One takes 1 minute to start up anyways...
Abriael  +   557d ago
From the description. "I left it on with the Green Screen for over 30 minutes and nothing happens"
SniperControl  +   557d ago
On the xbox forums themselves, people are reporting leaving there consoles on for hours stuck on the green screen.

One poor guy waited for 5 hours before giving up.
jatakk  +   557d ago
@ abriael

Naive much?! Don't believe everything you read!
omi25p  +   557d ago
mine did this. I left it on for 30 minutes and it booted up fine. Just need patients while it updates.
BLow  +   557d ago
Wait a minute. You mean the X1 has problems too at launch. REALLY??? Going by numerous articles this week about PS4, you would think that defects only happen to Sony and the PS4 exclusively. I waiting on the articles about failure rates on smart phones, ipads, iphones, and all other electronic devices. Those devices aren't cheap and cost hundreds of dollars. Guess they have 0% defect rates huh.....
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mkis007  +   557d ago
@jatakk, I'll start by not believing you. Seriously you should try it.
SilentNegotiator  +   556d ago
"Just need patients while it updates"

Yeah, it justs takes so long to load that I got my doctorate and first patients in that time.

Bigpappy  +   557d ago
@ Abriael: it is fine that you posted this. But do you also have some video of the PS4 Blue Screen of Death to post?

@Shakengandulf: "Does this article have to be posted by a xbox fan to be taken seriously?
Is that what you're getting at pappy, as far as i know, Abriael posts articles regardless of console brand."

Were in my statement did you get the idea that I don't take the failure seriously? Where did I accuse Abiael of being antiXbox? I just aked if he had any with the PS4 Blue screen error so we can have a little balance.

I tried to submit an article covering the PS4 failures and it was voted down as lame and flame bait but at least 16 PS4 loyalist before the mods finally failed it to stop the crying of this community of PS fanboys. You guys are cowardly and two faced for trying to suppress negative news PS4 and heavily promoting that of the X1. This is becoming like FOX News channel. They claim to be balanced yet their are more one sided hat MSNBC. This site claims to be for Gamers, but allows one side to dominate the talking points, because they are the majority.

Not crying, just voicing the facts.
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MasterCornholio  +   557d ago
I think its the blue line of death which ive seen (youtube). This is the first time that im hearing about a blue screen of death for the PS4.
Shakengandulf  +   557d ago
Does this article have to be posted by a xbox fan to be taken seriously?
Is that what you're getting at pappy, as far as i know, Abriael posts articles regardless of console brand.
G20WLY  +   557d ago
It has to exist before someone can take a video of it. Nice deflection effort though. ;)
Shakengandulf  +   557d ago
No worries pappy, just seemed strange that you asked it here and judging by the disagrees, I'm not the only one that jumped to conclusions.
static5245  +   557d ago
My question is why would someone spend 500$ just to bash the Xbox? I think this is a legit problem. Like PS4 had their problems... It will get fixed one way or another.

I'm still going to get the PS4 first, maybe X1 if the price drops.

People need to stay calm and game
theoneb  +   556d ago
Lol personally I find how N4G is now quite amusing. Back when the PS3 was still feeling the pain of "no games" and a 600$ price tag not to mention the horrible ports this site was dominated by 360 fans. The bubble ratio was polar opposite for some of the more vocal Sony supporters. They were speaking nothing but facts about developers having issues with the hardware and that PS3 was more powerful etc.

For the most part Sony fans tend to debate with facts while MS fans would fall for the kinect paid actors hype and the power of the cloud bs. The only difference now on this site compared to 2007 is that what MS is doing just doesn't work anymore. People know better now. Prime example is the Wii U.
3-4-5  +   557d ago
Names need to be more creative.

Why does something always Have to be "__________of death"

Nobody can think of a better name or name ending than " of death" ?

It's cheesy
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Neo-Axl  +   556d ago
It's short, it's simple, it gets to the point.

No change needed.
Sarcasm  +   557d ago
Yeah, getting ridiculous though.
tordavis  +   556d ago
This guys an idiot! It takes like 5 min after you get the GREEN SCREEN! It's not a bug or an error, it's setting up the OS!!!!!!!!
SilentNegotiator  +   556d ago
"I left it on with the Green Screen for over 30 minutes and nothing happens"
parentoftheyear  +   556d ago
I dont have an xb1, but when you turn it on, it sounds like hitting a coin from a certain mario game, just can't remember which one, anyone know what i mean ? LoL
shadowT  +   557d ago
In german gaming forums several reports about broken Xbox One Launch consoles. But it looks like that main problem is more the disc drive.
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Pintheshadows  +   557d ago
Prepare for overblown proportions.
SpitFireAce85  +   557d ago
Just like they did with the PS4 lets wait a few weeks
before we see if its a real/widespread issue or not.?
Pintheshadows  +   557d ago
OrangePowerz  +   557d ago
Don't worry our Xbox friends like Green will come out next week when the PS4 launches in Europe and has another small amount of PS4 consoles with issues to tell us how crappy Sony is and how God like MSFT is.
WMANUW  +   557d ago
DoctorJones  +   557d ago
How many times are we going to see the same pic used on an article? It's getting old now, start using a bit of thought.

EDIT:Just realised Abriael submitted it, that makes sense now.

EDIT2:I made my edit before you posted Abriael. Wow, you do defend your articles in record time aye?
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Abriael  +   557d ago
Eh, I made this pic, and I used it only twice in months. It's not exactly my fault if other hijack my pics for theirs.

If only it was just this one..

edit: because it's something that actually pisses me off a bit lol. I'd rather people make their own :D
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DoctorJones  +   557d ago
Trust me, it's as annoying for us as it is for you.
LGM313  +   557d ago
I love my PS4 BTW.
ThunderSpark  +   557d ago
We all love your PS4 BTW
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Unreal01  +   557d ago
Haha, that gif will be me on 29th :)
Shakengandulf  +   557d ago
Not helping blackoo :P
Wizziokid  +   557d ago
Every new piece of hardware has faults, let's just accept it and move on. PS4 had them and now the X1 has them.

The main issue will be if these are still happening a year or so down the line.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   557d ago
Both consoles have failure rates, yay for being human!
Pintheshadows  +   557d ago
Even humans have launch issues.

@darth We should be thankful our new console will not having pooping issues.
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darthv72  +   557d ago
agreed, when my son 'launched' 15 years ago all he did was poop and cry. i thought he was broken but there was no return policy in place for him.

PaperClichePixel  +   557d ago

You should of licked the stamp, and put him back in the drop box.
AnthonyJrWTF  +   557d ago
There was a huge 2-3 minute delay in startup post update install. I wonder if he turned off his X1 post-update and the system is still configuring itself.

I waited it out, and my system works flawlessly now. Wish they would have put a "Please Wait" notification, because it was a little odd.
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Crazay  +   557d ago
I was wondering the exact same thing (he wouldn't admit to it even if he had)

After my update, my system sat at this screen for what seemed like an eternity and the thought had momentarily crossed my mind.
GrizzliS1987  +   557d ago
same here. this screen was there for a while and i was giving a hard time to my xbot buddy, making fun of him the whole time for like 5 minutes straight just to mess with him, cus he knows i prefer the ps4.

but then after a good 4-5 minute wait, everything rebooted and whatever was going on had finished and we proceeded to set up the system fully, download KI and game till 4am last night :/
rajman  +   557d ago
Thats my video, and when I first booted it up I left it running for 30 minutes and it stayed that way.
darthv72  +   557d ago
aside from what we see in the vid, has anything happened since then? Are you getting a new one or did it eventually proceed to act normal?
kneon  +   557d ago
Did he get as far as updating? If not then I wonder if it's an issue with Kinect. Remember that initially it need to be connected for the console to work, so if he hasn't done the update and has a faulty Kinect it could get stuck waiting for Kinect to responsd with the secret password :)
Crazay  +   557d ago
I did my update without the kinect. Worked fine.
Drekken  +   557d ago
Yeah, this is definitely his fault. No way could it be a Microsoft problem because based on their track record they have never had faulty hardware or software.
Crazay  +   557d ago
No one said it was his fault. It was a musing if you will. But, the load time at that screen post update was quite long so it's easy to assume the system may have froze and a reboot may fix the issues.
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nix  +   557d ago
Ooooo.. he missed the sarcasm.
WhiteDynamite  +   557d ago
Wasn't it already proven (I forget who made the comparison video) that it takes 59 seconds for the Xbox One to boot from a cold start? I find it very convenient how the video fades to black 57 seconds after he pressed the power button.

I'm calling shenanigans, unless someone can prove otherwise.
rajman  +   557d ago
lol I could have left it recording for longer but there was no point as nothing happened, my first boot I left it running for 30 mins...and then later I left it running for just over an hour and still nothing
Bolts-N-Rays1109  +   557d ago
Looks like you got a defected unit. Sucks, but it happens... Contact MS if you haven't already.
BadlyPackedKeebab  +   557d ago
You have to hand it to them (touch wood) their launch has been pretty painless.

Was very tempted to scout around this morning for remaining stock but still couldn't justify it yet. 3/4 must have exclusives and ill jump in :)
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   557d ago
Wow, don't even need to be a whole must have exclusive? Ok I guess, we can make that happen...
Visualift  +   557d ago
What's worse than a green screen of death? A green screen of death with a clock ticking in the background.
XboxPS  +   557d ago
shadowT  +   557d ago
I am wondering that there is no news story about the problems with the power brick. Many people complaing about the noise level of the Xbox One power brick.
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Ohai  +   557d ago
Man that huge vent just waiting to eat up some dust.
Fireseed  +   557d ago
Similar thing happened to me last night but I left it sitting at the screen for approx 9 minutes and it eventually loaded up. Haven't had a single problem since then... excpet for the slow network last night and Game installs being sluggish >_>
Avernus  +   557d ago
One thing though... they make a nice paperweight :D
WMANUW  +   557d ago
Why no one else publishes news also on Xbox broken one? They are all silent, there is an embargo on this! Instead N4G is the only site impartially, my compliments.
KNWS  +   557d ago
Because there is hardly an issues thats way. Consoles are not broken, people, likely been stupid and overeacting.

I put my HDMI wire in the HDMI out last night and i couldn't get the console to work. It then dawned on me, after a few minutes i put the HDMI wire in the wrong HDMI slot.

Mistakes, happen, if all we know these guys internet fucked up the update and bricked the console. Hardly, Microsofts fault.
bligmerk  +   557d ago
Why aren't Kraptaku and IGN pooping their pants in hysterical hissy-fits with these XBO defects? Looks like the XBO launch was much smaller than the PS4, meaning fewer units but a much wider range of defects more quickly documented with video and off-screen shots. These sound a lot worse than the few problems reported with the PS4.
solidt12  +   557d ago
Anyone out there with the PS4 and Xbox One. How do you compare the two's interfaces? What are your likes and dislikes about each system?
KNWS  +   557d ago
Has he got all cables in correctly, has he connected the internet to the console for the update?
Magnus  +   557d ago
That would piss me off stand in line at midnight to buy a console just to have it die. Doesn't matter what it is from a toaster to a tv electronics fail. Hopefully Microsoft can fix these issues so people can enjoy the new toy. This is another reason why I don' t buy launch consoles the bugs aren't fully worked out yet.
BornToKill  +   557d ago
DogtagDuke1992  +   557d ago
I had the same thing happen to me....you just have to wait for a while...like 5 actual real time minutes...its stupid, but it should boot up. Try using an ethernet cable as well rather than wireless internet...that worked for me...its convoluted and stupid, but it may work, it seemed to for me.
Fz6soldier  +   557d ago
We'll, what do you expect when you buy hardware from a software company?
JDcg  +   557d ago
Well...it IS performing its primary objective. And that is to watch TV! YAY! IT WORKS!
NeoTribe  +   557d ago
This is happening to my buddy right now. He went to the midnight release and hasn't been able to get past that green screen since.
jjind  +   556d ago
It takes a few mins for initial set up... After you have everything in place it boots pass green screen easily..
bparks1987  +   556d ago
I had the green screen after the update for over 5 minutes and thought my system was broken. I then hit the middle dashboard button getting impatient and heard sound through speakers. It still was froze. Then I decided what the hell ill try popping in a game. To my surprise it actually fixed it ! My system has worked perfectly fine since then. I don't know if this is due to a bug of some sort where after it patches it doesn't go to main screen but if your having this issue I would recommend waiting 5-10 minutes on green screen and then putting a game in the system. I might of got lucky but worth a try!
isarai  +   556d ago
i'm a Sony fan, but even so shit happens, failures are to be expected from any bit of hardware, nothing has a 0% failure rate, especially at launch
PiperMCFierceson  +   556d ago
How about death by green screen (dbgs) for a name ... You know like the green screen killed .... Nvm.
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