Sound Shapes PS4 Review - Musical Chairs I TheKoalition

Jasmine Gipson of TheKoalition writes:
It’d be really easy to roll your eyes at the sight of another indie platformer. Sound Shapes puts a spin on the platforming experience by using music as a key component of the game. Yes, this game was originally released December 2012, but with the launch of the PS4 this game has been given a new life; it was re-released as a launch title for the new “Indie” section of the PS4 Store.

Sound Shapes begins with a tutorial teaching you how sound is integrated into the gameplay experience; once you’ve made it past the tutorial for Campaign mode you are then put into a very unique tutorial for Editor mode. In this mode you learn that not only can you play Sound Shapes like a traditional platformer but you can also create your own levels, which is admittedly rather addictive. The more levels you complete in Campaign mode, the more items you unlock to use at your disposal for your own levels.

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chikane1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

guess Sound Shapes is Mad since you cant Play MP3s lol Which Explains the score

MysticStrummer1767d ago

I won't post a link to another review here, but I feel a video review is better for a game like this, more for the sound than anything else. The GameSpot review on YouTube sold me on the game.

Also, if you liked Everyday Shooter, Sound Shapes was made by the same guy.

Visiblemarc1767d ago

This game is best on Vita, but any way you cut it's a 10/10.