Club Nintendo adds Zelda: A Link Between Worlds poster set

A new reward has just landed on the North American Club Nintendo site today.

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Neonridr1730d ago


(Checks Club Nintendo Balance)

Wouldn't you know, I have 500 on the button.

This looks awesome.

MattyG1730d ago

Dammit, I only have 460!

EcoSos31730d ago

I had 1030 in my balance so it was easy for me to get now I only have 530 left.

PygmelionHunter1730d ago

If they ever made a 3D Zelda game in the same style as that last poster, I'd be all over it!

syne491730d ago

I hope to goodness they put the game exclusive treasure chest on C.N. They more than likely won't but I want it so bad.

kirbyu1730d ago

I'm 60 coins away from 500. I hope these stay long enough for me to get them.

Neonridr1729d ago

have you filled out all your surveys and stuff recently? Zelda: ALBW would get you very, very close to that total if you were to go buy that game.