Battlefield 4 for the PS4 On Sale at Amazon

Why wait for Black Friday when Amazon wants to save you more money on more PS4 games.

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ftwrthtx981d ago

I did the digital upgrade for this one.

Anon1974981d ago (Edited 981d ago )

Futureshop had an unbelievable trade in deal in Canada where you could trade any title...ANY title for a 360/PS3 copy of COD Ghosts, AC4 or Battlefield 4. They were all sold out of BF4 when I got there but still managed to score myself 2 copies of COD and one AC4, which I then sold for 30-$38 while keeping the trade in credit for the PS4 digital copies. :)

Can't wait to get my hands on a PS4 so I can actually use them. Wish they had had BF4 though, but I'm not complaining. The games I traded in were so old I couldn't give them away. Doesn't look like this promo is good for Canada though, sadly.

xSHADOWx981d ago

See, you got a 'Disagree'.
You didn't deserve a 'Disagree'
I don't get the community on this site.

ftwrthtx981d ago

I'll never understand it either

Livecustoms981d ago

Wish the UK had good Black friday sales :/

tigertron981d ago

We will soon my friend, we will soon...

WeedyOne981d ago

There is always "Cyber Monday"

WeedyOne978d ago

"Cyber Monday" is the Monday after "Black Friday", this is when a lot of online retailers give huge discounts. Its on the internet so maybe people outside of the US can take advantage of those deals?

spektical981d ago

considering the talk about the mess on the ps4, I am more likely to wait for the premium edition 8 months down the road.. maybe even sooner if sales are dropping

evilbart981d ago

Why so kinectable I mean skektical?