PlayStation App Delayed Until Next Week In Europe

Sony previously announced that the PlayStation app would launch today, 22nd November in Europe. However, they're still making some final tweaks to ensure the experience is butter-smooth for you ahead of the PS4 launch next Friday. The app will now launch next week, in plenty of time for the arrival of PS4 on 29th November.

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forcefullpower1699d ago

I downloaded it the other day on android just couldn't get it on the iPad.

SniperControl1699d ago

Errm i already have it, it updated last week sometime, it is compleatly different from the crappy one they had before.


on iOS, you can get the latest PS app, if you downlaoded the old app before, just delete it, go apple store, then bought items (or whataver it is) go to iphone section and find PlayStation App, download it again, it has the latest update in your language. Though it is only for iphone, not suited for ipads and you can't tilt the app to go horizontally.

OlgerO1699d ago

As long as it launches before the PS4 release I dont see the problem

Kurisu1699d ago

I've already got it as well (Android).

UnHoly_One1699d ago

Well that sucks...

Off topic question for anyone already using the app:

Is there any way to make it NOT turn your PS4 on as soon as you launch the app???

I love the idea that you can make it wake up from standby, but I don't think it should just happen as soon as the app launches. Why wouldn't that be an option that you have to choose in order to turn it on?

If I just want to check my friends list it makes my PS4 come on, then I have to remember to tell it shut back down or else it is sitting there running for no reason.

GryestOfBluSkies1699d ago

i was unaware that it did this... but when at home ive only used the app while the ps4 was on.

theres nothing in the settings about it, but ill take a look at this when i get home

UnHoly_One1699d ago

Yeah it wakes the PS4 up immediately if it is in standby.

At least it does with mine.

It sucks because mine is in a closed part of my entertainment center. When I'm playing I open the door for ventilation, of course, but I don't want it to come on some time and then forget to turn it off then it is just closed up in there roasting in its own heat all day.

prankster1699d ago

Doesn't do that with mine. I have to tap on the icon for the connected PS4 in the app for it to turn on. FYI I'm running the iOS version of the app.

UnHoly_One1699d ago

Weird. I am on iOS as well.

pyramidshead1699d ago

Wait, what the hell have I downloaded then? o.O lol

MasterCornholio1699d ago

Im asking myself the same question.

Kayant1699d ago

Who knows man you better delete that virus :p /s

You got the NA verison didn't you?

pyramidshead1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )


I swear it updated it self at some point and there's only one official playstation phone app...weird lol. Maybe it's for like more functionality or something.


Not sure lol, there's only one playstation app on play store for android.

MasterCornholio1699d ago

I use to have the old App so i deleted it and i downloaded the new one which is themed like the PS4.

xSHADOWx1699d ago

Oh well, deal with it.
They're obviously doing all this for the greater good.
It'll be better than it was going to be if it released now... This is GOOD thing.

OrangePowerz1699d ago

Thats at least for Android a non issue as the Android store is not region locked and you can download US apps. I have the Android app installed since it was released in the US.

Apple obviously is a different story since they have their store region locked and the only way around that is DNS to fake you are in the US.

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The story is too old to be commented.