5 Reasons You Should Buy The Wii U Over The PS4 Or Xbox One This Holiday

The Wii U is starting to turn it around, and in fact you may even want to consider it above the recently released PS4 and Xbox One.

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BosSSyndrome1309d ago

Not bad points, though some may be subject to opinion.

R00bot1308d ago

As long as some people share the same opinion as the writer it's fine for them to put some opinion in (of course, don't go overboard hahaha).

SlapHappyJesus1309d ago

There's no denying some stellar games are finally to be found on the system at this point.

OrangePowerz1309d ago

I'm sure both MS and Sony will have plenty more games next year than what is announced so far.

DarthZoolu1309d ago

Plus they have 3rd party games. By the end of next year both MS and Sony will have bigger game libraries

Korde111308d ago

and........ the game libraries will be ALMOST identical with one another.

XisThatKid1308d ago

I put any next gen console on the line right now bet either if not both Sony and MS sell more than 5 mill by next year.

hellvaguy1308d ago

Free online, nuff said.