Which PS4 games is Sony working on?

PS4 Attitude: "Soon after the PlayStation 4 reveal in February, we took an in-depth look at all the developers we thought could potentially be developing a title for the console. Now, as we approach the launch of the PS4 in Europe (you lucky Americans!), we thought it would be interesting to do the same again, this time focusing on Sony’s first and second party studios."

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Wizziokid1761d ago

Naughty Dog have two teams so I wonder if the other is working on a TLOU sequel

stefhutch201761d ago

We can only hope, but don't forget that a small team is still working on DLC for the first TLOU.

ZodTheRipper1761d ago

Don't expect a TLOU sequel in the next 3 years. The chances on TLOU + DLC coming to PS4 are much higher though.

Maninja1761d ago

After hearing all the rumors about Crash Bandicoot coming back to sony, I think they're working on that, but I'd be happy either way

NewAgeisHere1761d ago

Can you please stop talkin bout TLOU sequel...the game only just came out...goddam sheeple never satisified.......

sprinterboy1761d ago

Agreed, tlou 2 won't be out until at least 2016

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DeletedAcc1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Can you imagine a Crash Bandicoot Trailer at VGA right after the possible UNCHARTED Trailer while confirming indirectly a third Naughty God *cough* Dog Team?
HOLY MOLY! That would be awesome, but of course it is implausible.

SonyStyled1761d ago

Gosh if Sanzaru is making a Jak game, i will shed tears of joy. theyve got my support since Sly 4 since that was my first Sly game. Great game but it was never my cup of tea. still made me a fan of Sanzaru though

yellowgerbil1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

What about all the other studios?
and what about clap hanz? I want a Hot Shots Golf on PS4. long ago they showed a tiny glimpse of what looked like HSG in a early screen of the ps4s xmb
also IT IS TIME FOR A Ape Escape. the touchpad would be great with that.

stefhutch201761d ago

I made the decision to look at all of Sony's first party studios, but only a selection of their most notable second parties - otherwise the article would be much, much longer!

A new HSG is a good shout though. :)

sprinterboy1761d ago


Yep I saw the HSG icon on old ps4 UI with golf ball and cup, def coming 2014

thehitman1761d ago

Sony has like 19 studios with like 25 or so teams working on PS4 only games so which games are Sony working on? All of them really.

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