[Updating] Persona Live Stream Teases Persona 5 Or More Persona 4, Persona Insanity Ensues

GR - Atlus and the Persona development team are teasing the next entry in the series with a 72 hour livestream broadcast that's dropped hints in unique ways as to where the franchise is headed next.

Currently, Japanese video site Nico Nico is displaying the screen you see above and appropriately fading in Living With Determination as well as lots of other Persona tracks as we wait for the next announcement, but this rather boring livestream actually has an incredible hook for fans.


More Persona 4 sequel evidence, interstitial stream event details, counting down to third midnight channel appearance.

Latest Midnight Channel teaser added. Big announcement soon

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Ranma11703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Hope P5 is as good as P4.

Want to see this on both PS3 and PS4 at least

dbjj120881703d ago

Same. I'm not as excited about returning cast members though. Keeping the experience fresh helped P4 since I played it and P3P back to back.

Ranma11703d ago

I dont even care if it has PS2 level graphics so long as it has same excellent gameplay and story as PS4.

Though I would prefer graphics like tales of vesperia or ni no kuni (cell shahded i think its called).

Cause persona is an anime type game

Baka-akaB1703d ago

Nah there is a reason catherine was made . it would probably have a similar yet improved look

dbjj120881703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

True. The 3D graphics could be a bit more vibrant but the character art pops. I hope for Vita release.

Ranma11703d ago

I wonder if their will be a secret Sonic the Hedgehog card/persona in the game, now that Sega bought them.


ftwrthtx1703d ago

The Vita could use another title

dbjj120881703d ago

I don't care what platform this game comes out, I must play it.

Ranma11703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

I dont care much about platform either. The more who get to play it the better.

Persona games always have epic stories in the same level as FF4-FF10

Blastoise1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Too much teasing

It's time for some pleasing.

*fingers crossed for PS3 or Vita*

yuuki1703d ago

what kind of headline is this, you need a map to read it....
But let us hope it is really p5

izumo_lee1703d ago

I'm as excited for this as i was when i got the PS4!

Whether it is a new numbered game in the series or a continuation of Persona 4 it will be a memorable day this coming Sunday.

Please Atlus don't disappoint me.

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The story is too old to be commented.