The PS4: One week later

One week in, the Gamer Horizon crew weigh in on the first week impressions of Sony’s brand new PS4.

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SmokingMonkey1765d ago

Loving It!

Killzone is incredible!

AC2020x1765d ago

I know, I'm loving it.. Aside from a few small changes and features that need to be added!!!

SmokingMonkey1765d ago

I can't believe that I can't snipe while cloaked!!

Guess that pissed people off more than the saboteur did.

finishing my breakfast than getting back on line for a few.

Still haven't recorded anything, always forget to hit that share button.

vitullo311765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

I have a 2000 dollar custom built MACHINE of a pc sitting right beside my ps4.. and Killzone is pretty much the only game i have played since ps4 launched.. as much as i love my pc the ps4 blows my mind everyday with how fast the ui is and switching from in game to menu/settings even the store then BAM right back to the game holy hell nothing beats it

solidt121765d ago

There are many moments in Killzone Shadowfall where the graphics look even better than any footage they have shown but I am sure they did not want to spoil it. The game really is next gen and incredible.

Xer0_SiN1765d ago

killzone is awesome. once i got over the fact that kzsf wasnt kz2. i started to appreciate it for what it really was. woth that being said the ps4 ecosystem is a absolute beast. everything is lightning.

MizTv1764d ago

I know!
Can't stop playing kz
But also very surprised with BlackFlag
It's a very fun game and I think it's the best ac yet

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billit1765d ago

cant tell I ´m one week earlier...


on my way to platinuming ghosts. i figured id get the crappy title out of the way first. with the ps4 i want to make a more conscientious effort to plat as many games as possible.

TheLostCause1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

The PS4: Another one week wait.....

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