Best Buy Directing Green Screen Of Death Users To Microsoft

Angie Santiago reports from SpawnFirst: "Best Buy doesn’t seem to be much help to their customers who have been afflicted with the Green Screen Of Death – they have been directing them back to Microsoft. They aren’t exchanging consoles but rather leaving it up to Microsoft to help out the affected users with their faulty consoles."

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Eonjay1766d ago

Well of course they would send them to Microsoft. If however, the majority of the users experiencing this got their units from Best Buy, I would suggest they be more proactive.

darthv721766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Under what conditions are these GSOD occurring? Is it right out of the box on the very first boot or is it happening after the day one patch has been downloaded and the system reboots to install?

From what i have read, for many it is the later. After getting the update it stays on this green screen for some time, applying the update and then it proceeds to the UI.

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1766d ago

FRom the reports I've seen the green screen of death which then turns into the black screen of death has been happening straight out of the box

UltimateMaster1766d ago

Is that what it is now? Green Screen of Death.
That's something on the software level.
You should know by now who makes the OS for the Xbox, Microsoft.

kneon1766d ago


If it's happening right out of the box then it's likely a manufacturing fault.

UltimateMaster1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

It must be those nasty college students that sabotaged the launch!/s XD

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black0o1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

ppl need to stop using the word death ..
blue line of death -----software bug
red line of death ------it's just over heating
and now we got this --- which looks like a bug in the update

MatrixxGT1766d ago

Kudos. Its really annoying. Rrod was justified but this other nonsense is BS. Just few failures considering massive amounts sold on both accounts.

Gridloc1766d ago

How about "green screen of not working right at this moment"?

OhMyGandhi1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

"Red ring of death" was certainly an apt title for the issue, and the prognosis of that system: death.

If I were to get an xbox one, I'd go for the extended warranty...I've been burnt by the original 360, and by YLOD for the ps3, I'm sure as hell not going to be an early adopter for these consoles until I know for sure that things have leveled out...and a better library of games fills the shelves for both systems.

pyramidshead1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

lol this so much. People just like their ammo to throw, and as if people thought these consoles would deploy with no bugs or problems at all, smh.

Gridloc1766d ago

I see they added the coffee grinder feature...:)/s

SniperControl1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

To be fair, some of those links do show vids already in the list.

Saying that, i didnt see that many vids for faulty PS4's.

Seems to be four main problems with the X1:

1) BD drive faulty (Sounds just like my PS2, difference is, my PS2 works!)
2) Stuck at green screen(some are saying to wait, on the xbox forums, some people are waiting up to 5 hours with nothing happening)
3) Black screen after green screen
4) Loud buzzing

Spoke to a friend a who works at my local game store this morning, a customer has reported a DOA x1 as well.

MasterCornholio1766d ago

"DigiTimes says that EDN reports “poor yield rates of the device's camera module, optical disc drive (ODD) and related assembly.”"

"optical disk drive"

Cant say that they were not warned about the issue.

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kmeck5181766d ago

I liked what someone said earlier instead of death: "Green screen of no return"

NeXXXuS1766d ago

Blue line of oops
Red line of hot

there, I made it nicer 8D

sourav931766d ago

I think it all started with the BSoD on PCs, and kind of carried on from there.

camel_toad1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

It all stems from the Windows infamous Blue Screen of Death, which doesn't necessarily mean it's ruined for good. I think being that MS makes Windows and the Xbox, the Green Screen of Death is more than fitting.

EDIT: Didnt see what sourav93 posted before me but yeh, what he said.

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Livecustoms1766d ago

Green screen of death ? Well thats new lol

SliceOfTruth8881766d ago

I had the GSOD and people need to let it run. It will get go past it. I think the system is installing the update during this time but it doesnt tell you. It hasnt happened since i first turned it on

rajman1766d ago

It supposed to last a few minutes. Mine lasted for over 30 mins, then again for almost an hour and I had enough and packed it up

Ilovetheps41766d ago

Some people are having a completely different issue. Some people on the Xbox forums said they've been on the green screen for five hours. I don't think it takes that long. Other people are having this issue: The screen just gets real messed up and then cuts off.

Not sure how widespread either of these issues are though.


Same here....I have had some apps crash on me tho, I did a hard reboot and I think that may have done the trick.

S2Killinit1766d ago

Oh oh. here come the defective consoles

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