Super Mario 3D World Review: This month’s best game isn’t on PS4 or Xbox One - Post Arcade

Daniel Kaszor of Post Arcade: "If you could turn a smile into a video game, it would look something like this."

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strigoi8141764d ago

ok i agree with that...hopefully wiiU have a good rebound on 2014

kB01764d ago

Must have game of 2013.

Games I will currently be playing well into 2014.

Zelda Link between worlds
Killzone Shadow
AC 4

theshredded1764d ago

glad to see Ninti coming back!

Kane221764d ago

just cause this game got high ass reviews doesn't mean every single person is gonna like it. the best games ive played so far are on different systems. Nintendo hasn't released a game i care about yet. also that title is really subjective.

Gemmol1764d ago

well people like Nintendo games more then any other first party, so even though you may not like it the masses will.....Ps3 only had 1 first party game sell 10 million or more and it was Gran Turismo, The Wii had more then 8 or 9 games that sell more then 10 yes it is subjective, but numbers do not lie, Nintendo first party sell way more then any sony or xbox first party for example Mario Kart Wii 30 million, or new super mario bros wii 27 million, so in my opinion, the people who buy these games opinion counts more then yours

Kane221764d ago

what the hell does sales have to do with this. not a damn thing. so according to you call of duty is the best mutliplayer game ever just cause it sells millions.....get out of here with that sales crap.

Gemmol1764d ago

you said because it have high reviews do not mean everyone will like it.....and its obvious nintendo first party always sell and its obvious they get high reviews, so if you did not understand it means people will like it and people will purchase it.....but since your so defensive with your beiber speech I guess my post was too hard to understand

Dan_scruggs1764d ago

What Gemmol was saying is that not only does Nintendo have extremely high review scores they also have some of the highest selling games in the industry. So no the games may not be for everyone but they do in fact reach a very broad audience and that is proven in the sales numbers. You may not care about Mario Kart Wii but 30 million people bought that game. So clearly Nintendo is doing something right.

MsmackyM1764d ago

I think that is the biggest issue the industry has against Nintendo. As strange as it seems when folks talk about who one the last gen they only seem to mention MS and Sony even though Nintendo outsold both by a large margin. Also when it comes to software sales Nintendo manages to sale Tens of millions on one console and barely get a in the software sales charts.

Kane221764d ago

omg once again what is with the sales stuff. there are games that get great reviews but crappy sales all cause its not "mainstream". i don't care how much hate i get from anyone. Nintendo better be lucky they don't have to do much to get high sales but other companies who actually try to do something different for a change gets hammered in reviews. but who am i kidding someone will come and justive that too............

Gemmol1764d ago

Thank you @ Dan you understand what I was trying to say

Nerdmaster1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

By your logic, no game (or movie, or actor etc) deserves to receive any awards (even though in this case it's not an award) because there will always be at least one person who doesn't agree with them. This game has been getting the highest reviews this month, so you may like the game or not, but this fact won't change.

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