Review Supplemental: FIFA 14 (New Gamer Nation)

FIFA 14 is back and this time it takes the leap into the next generation of consoles. This may sound harsh, but this version of the game is the same game at the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions with one very noticeable difference; the visuals. With a new generation of gaming comes a stunning display of visual fidelity. This game will immediately make you ditch your old FIFA 14 for the new version. The graphics are sharp and detailed with little nuances that make you wonder how you ever lived without them. From the rippling of the players shirts as they run down the field to the individual blades of grass that fly up as you interact with the ground, it is a visual masterpiece. If you ever looked at a FIFA game and said to yourself “it looks good but I wish it was better” you need to go out and get this version of the game.

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Livecustoms1699d ago

By game came today ! have to stare at it for 7 more days ! ahhhhhhh hype train is real !