NGN n00bcast #32 - PlayStation 4 or Xbox One? Did The Hype Machine Get You Too?

Welcome to the a very special edition of the NGN n00bcast because this week they talk about all about the new consoles!!! They discuss why they think Sony has the best PR machine around and why Microsoft really slapped themselves in the face with their pre E3 / E3 presentations. They go over many of the cool features Microsoft wanted to implement with the Xbox One, but ended up backing off of because of the haters. Lastly we talk about the games we loved the most on the gen that’s comin’ to an end.

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joab7771701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

There's one thing a lot of naysayers don't mention...just how awesome it is to play with 4 or 5 of ur friends on the new ps4. Yeah there may not b a ton of launch games but no one can deny how great it is to party chat with a bunch of friends playing the best versions of CoD, B4, Killzone and NBA 2k14. Its worth the money. The controller is amazing and the whole experience is silky smooth.

Deltaohio1701d ago

U are absolutely right. I've been doing this since 2007 with the 360.

Chrischi19881701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

The best version of CoD and Bf4 is definitely the PC version. Graphic wise it is 100% and also in the controlls.

I give you Killzone, because it is only on PS4 and NBA 2k14, because there it truly is the best version ;)

Playing Multiplayer with friends is nothing exclusiv to the PS4 and I understand, that during the launch, because of the created hype, everybody wants to play on one of the systems, but it wont stay that way.

Remy_S1701d ago

Microsoft's horrible PR has turned me off from ever buying another Xbox console.

NeloAnjelo1701d ago

They turned me off after how they were so cocky. I had all systems this gen. Only PS4 this time around though.