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Engadget - PlayStation 4 or Xbox One: Which game console to buy this holiday

Today is the day: Xbox One is available in at least 13 territories. The PlayStation 4 launched last Friday to massive sales. The next-gen is officially on, having kicked off last year with Nintendo's Wii U.

Of course, Nintendo's not playing the same game that Microsoft and Sony are. The latter two are pushing serious horsepower and attempting to woo gamers with the promise of very pretty games and gameplay streaming, while Nintendo's pursing a second-screen input approach. As such, it's Microsoft and Sony's new consoles that we're here to examine today -- the two big console makers that are taking each other on directly in the decades-long battle for the living room. (PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

mochachino  +   152d ago
I bought PS4

don't care about the cable TV connect, streaming TV is the future anyways, and browsing the internet on a computer/tab will always be vastly superior to doing it on TV.

In terms of games, the vast majority of the best games released throughout the gen tend to be multiplats and PS4s multiplats look and run better. I love Halo, I love LOU, and Uncharted but 99% of my favourite games are multiplatform.

So services aside,PS4 wins the games category for me so I bought that.

Last gen I bought both 360 and PS3 so maybe when MS releases a $300 xone I get it then.
SantistaUSA  +   152d ago
I plan on getting the PS4, but I will probably will own both consoles down the road. I do like the looks of X1 better tho.

I do not care for the tv features, I don't even have cable tv, I watch everything online and my computer is already hooked up to my tv, I want is kick a$$ games :D
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ABizzel1  +   152d ago
"That logic applies here, as Sony's PlayStation 4 is just about evenly matched with the Xbox One's internals"

"only Forza Motorsport 5 feels like a finished console game (read: not like a rushed launch game)."

PS4 isn't just about evenly matched, it's more powerful, and Forza 5 has less than half the cars and tacks of Forza 4, and the quality dropped from the supposed versions people were playing (which leads me to believe the PC's were still running the games).

In the end they picked PS4, because of price which I agree with as of now, but you're better off waiting until next holiday before picking up either.
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thisismyaccount  +   152d ago
(might seem a little bias)

XB1 $559 and not $499 (Xlive is required)
PS4 $399 (offline games + F2P games and Apps, no add. fees)
PS4 $449 with PS+ (online)

XB1 VCR? Some like it others hate it
PS4 PS2 updated, much smaller than the XB1

XB1 Easily 40% bigger in size, external PSU (still big) and up to ~50% (raw power), ~100% (ROP) weaker
PS4 much smaller in size, PSU internally, stronger

Both are great

XB1 Halo, Forza (FP)
Q.Break, Titanfall (PC too) 2nd Party resp. 3rd party

PS4 20 First Party Studios , GT, Uncharted, TLOU and what not (FP), Tons of Indies, quite a lot of F2P Titles (DCOU, Warframe etc.. no PS+ required)

XB1 intial push (~1/2 years... will deflate like with the 360)
PS4 Day 1 - Day Zero non stop support from Sony and Co. See PS2 and now PS3

XB1 Huge Kinect 2.0 that seems not to work (based on reviews, yt ppl.), 2x sh--y games for it avaib. both are mediocre. Will spy or not, will record or not what you do, will charge you extra $5 if someone else "not" registered steps into the living room (watch movie).. shares data with everyone

YOU Would except M$ to come up with something similar to PlayRoom. Nothing to brag about it, pres. don´t see any of the 2 going anywhere but into the trashcan.
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thisismyaccount  +   152d ago

XB1 ain´t worth your penny or few thousands of your pennies if you play Furza 5 and get every .dlc for extra real cash... they might or not share the .logs of what you are doing on the console.

Menu has ads? I wonder, how much do you have to pay to remove them, Xlive for 100$ and have no ads?

Every Launchtitel was downgraded..

Ryse no selfshadow, protagonist has now no helmet anymore
Furza 5 3D crowd repalced with 2D ones and sometimes they were removed completely on certain tracks. Reflections have been toned down quite a lot, rearmirror is laggy and it comes with probably the WORST Version of any Microtransactions out there on the market.

Dead Rising 3 runs poorly according to DF, below 20fps at sometimes. And stuff wont get better over time, not with them claiming "THE CLOUD will grant us 1080p!"

I´m sorry for the die hard fans of this brand, but you got BF! pretty hard.

PS4 As of now will be recording everything you say (bug or intended, only those with the ps4 cam). Menu is slick and waaay easier to navigate through, huh someone does a better job than the "masters of all operating systems"... who knew.

Killzone might be an average shooter, for some odd reason it´s slightly better than lococycle for some retards. It´s so far the best looking title in terms of visuals and tech-wise. (Ryse looks great (aestheticly), techwise not really, 32mb ersam is just not enough for proper 1080p)

For me its clear which one i will pick up, overall the best console out of the two.

+ Streaming is easier than ever
+ Menu runs fast, switching between apps works perfectly
+ Voice Command actually do work on the PS4
+ You can use TV remote to navigate thru the PS4
+ Close to 20 years of Sony History in Games
+ Tons of great new IPS coming, support thru the console life-cycle like previous systems from Sony (ahem rem. Xbox 2003? And 360 the past 2/3 years?)
- no HDMI in on the PS4, can´t passthru the PS3 signal, wonder why i wanted to do that (TV have more than 1x HDMI connector these days..)
- runs a little bit hotter in a vertical posistion (slightly) but looks 10x better at that :)

And then we have this

Microsoft to launch new version of Xbox One in 1Q14
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Livecustoms  +   152d ago
Both are fantastic ! I personally chose PS4, Has the apps i need (BBC iPlayer and Netflix) Fantastic indie games, Brilliant F2P games (planetside 2) AND NAUGHTY DAWGGG !
forcefullpower  +   152d ago
bring on Planetside 2. played it on the PC and got a few mates that where being swayed to buy PS4 over the xbox if it comes out.
S2Killinit  +   152d ago
PS4 if you love them, xbox one if you don't. jk honestly though, PS4 and use the extra money to buy the games you want.
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Ac7iVe  +   152d ago
I want both but there is no games that would make me spend $500 bucks for. Wii U will do just fine for awhile. Got a good back log on Wii u right now
nosferatuzodd  +   152d ago
ps4 allday every day resogun and planet side war thunder killzone planet side warframe will hold me down until drive club and second son arrived but i like titan fall that's the only thing I'm looking forward to on xbox not a halo fan
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fossilfern  +   152d ago
Got an XB1 last night and loving it so far! KI is great, DR3 is realy good and Ryse isnt half bad if you ask me but Ryse isn't really worth the full price.

Really hoping MS bring back other Rare IPs like Perfect Dark or another Conker game! :D
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noctis_lumia  +   152d ago
ps4 ofc
Oagoz  +   152d ago
Ps4 was my choice, but the Xbone does look pretty decent, might get one down the road.
2paclives  +   152d ago
I will get xbone when titanfall drops. dr3 is the only thing intriguing to me at the moment.
Darrius Cole  +   152d ago
I understand that this is one writer's opinion.

The only issue that I had was his saying that TitanFall would definitely be a "Must Buy" title. It may be, but it may not be. Before we can know that for certain we will have to see more info, video, previews, reviews, etc.
FriedGoat  +   152d ago
Yeah, plus i'll be buying it on PC.
mydyingparadiselost  +   152d ago
I'll go PS4 first but not this holiday. I'll wait for some better games, a console with a cool customization or some special deal. I'll get an Xone only if there are some compelling exclusives I just can't live without AND kinect doesn't become a marketing abuse machine.
crazyclown  +   152d ago
PS4 all the way
Goku781  +   152d ago
PS4, Xbox one blog is disabled for a reason.
Sevir  +   152d ago
I like how engadget said Sony will be lacking system selling software, the 2 biggest games of E3 unanimously has been named as Infamous:Second Son and Titan Fall, as everyone has said both games feel Next Gen. The ones who aren't buying PS4 and XBO at launch are waiting for Infamous and Titan Fall and both will sell the console!

Still I do agree with Engadget, if you're buying a console this holiday, the PS4 is the way to go, there's little justification for the live TV, Kinect and HDMI in at $500

I haven't felt the differences in OS speed responsiveness between the PS4 and XBO, but I can say that coming from both an Xbox 360 and PS3... The PS4 is blazing, and swapping between apps is snappy. Jumping between 4 apps on XBO is cool and I'm sure with software refinements the PS4 will have that feature as well.

Both great, but one is better and offers more for less money, and games run better on the PS4. Live isnt worth the money especially compared to PS+ so the choice for me was simple, PS4... In May and E3 this year my reasons for choosing a PS4 was more on brand loyalty and less on thorough comparisons, especially after the DRM and 24 hour check in. Now it's all out there and my reasons for owning the PS4 over the XBO is far more objective with the facts to support my reasons.
MasterCornholio  +   152d ago
Since when did Titanfall get praised for its visuals?

I thought it was the gameplay that drove everyone crazy over the game.
Sevir  +   152d ago
That's the point, that's part of what the media has said, Titan fall and Infamous:SS looks and feels the most next gen.
Morpheuzpr  +   152d ago

And what exactly is Titanfall or Infamous doing gameplay wise that makes them next-gen?

At least Infamous is and open world game but Titanfall is nothing but hype IMO. Most of what Titanfall does have been done before by killzone, Lost Planet, Section 8 prejudice and probably others, ohh but those games don't come from the creators of the Untouchable COD4.

Off topic (and not directed at you Sev) Let me remind ppl how bad the netcode in COD has always been. Netcode that was made by guess who? Yep the guys now known as Respawn entertainment. For the people hyping titanfall, just hope that the netcode this time around is better than COD's, cause if it's the same, that game will be the same garbage as COD. End of rant.
InMyOpinion  +   152d ago
Will wait a while but will definitely get the PS4. Happy 360 owner saying this.
cell989  +   152d ago
I agree with Endgadget, the Ps4 came out more ready for gaming than the xbone. Even the DVR features are more robust on the PS4, you can even upgrade your HDD if space is a problem for you.

Seems to me that the xbone is on beta test right now, with the promise of all kinds of patches coming up.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   152d ago
If you only need to choose one because of financial constraints then PS4, but if you will buy xbone, buy it along with a PS4. bottomline, "BUY BOTH OR JUST BUY PS4"
Fanboyssuck27  +   151d ago
I ain't buyin either till the price drops. Good thing I got a Wii U
Korde11  +   151d ago
I'll decide after March. Right now I'm having a great time with the Wii U.

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