Today’s Amazon Countdown to Black Friday Deals include next-gen games

A handful of PS4 and Xbox One games will be discounted to $49.99 throughout the day at Amazon as part of the Amazon Countdown to Black Friday sale. Also, Skylanders SWAP Force and Disney Infinity starter packs have been or will be reduced.

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LOL_WUT1763d ago

Placed an order for bf4 on the ps4 ;)

mikeslemonade1763d ago

Screw the games.. I looking for a deal on the TVs.

JuniorCE1763d ago

Best buy is going to have a 39 inches LED TV 1080p for $169!!!!

Sathur1763d ago

I cant believe the price of the next gen games. honestly. I live in the UK and went to the launch of Xbox One yesterday. The games were on sale between £55 and £60. what is going on. I hope the PS4 games will be cheaper (PS4 launches in UK next week).
Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag on WiiU was released at GAME yesterday at £60 !!!

TheLostCause1763d ago

Similar thing happened to me, Ghosts for PS4 on GAMEs website was £50, I went in store to pick up my copy and even with my £5 deposit they tried charging me £55 down from £60 then had the nerve to try selling me insurance for my game on top of that (Never broke a disc in my life)... I told them to keep the deposit then went to Asda and bought it for £48 :/

GAME are an absolute joke.

Agent_00_Revan1763d ago

Looks like this story JUST got approved, but the sale is already over.

citizencain231763d ago

That's a deal really? I paid $42.00 (Gamefly) for Madden on PS4. I recieved it the day the PS4 came out and the sale price for it was $44.99 used, but I was the first one to use it unless they were testing it on I don't know what. Anyhow I used my $5 coupon I get from GameFly every few months and bam $39.99. Been a member a few years so shipping is free. Just a lil tax and there you have it. Madden PS4 for $42.00 day one. Now thats a deal people.

Hypnotic1763d ago

Except you still pay a subscription to rent games so you should factor that in as well.

citizencain231757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

Yeah I know. It's about $120-140 a year for me. So basically it's the same price as two brand new games. It's a better deal by far. I've been gaming for damn near 30years now so believe me when i state that it's a deal. take it easy

Hypnotic1754d ago

$120-$140? Even at 1 game out for 15.95 a month, it's $191 for a whole year. I just feel like people need to "read the fine print" when someone says they're getting a deal. I've used gamefly before for many years and it's a decent service but I'm not quite sure if it's the best deal out there.