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IGN:Aside from the very basics of punching and kicking, nothing in The Fighter Within works well, and very little works at all. It's gesture recognition is abysmal, its fighting is shallow, and it wastes too much time trying to clumsily tell a silly, unnecessary story. In short, it's everything Microsoft promised Kinect 2.0 wouldn't be.

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xHeavYx1640d ago

I could guess the score would be low based on the videos I've seen, but I didn't think it would be this low

NYC_Gamer1640d ago

I thought the game looked terrible when IGN were streaming it the other day

Eonjay1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Come on guys... no one is surprised by this. Not even Ubisoft. When they heard it scored that high I'm sure they were ecstatic.

Dlacy13g1640d ago

Yeah, you could see this score coming a mile away.

G20WLY1640d ago

Ever since I saw the trailer of the two women playing this, I knew it was pointless to hope it turned out well.

They were waving their arms about and then moments later it would do something on screen - sometimes the WRONG thing!

Cool concept, badly realised. Let's just leave it until it can be done via VR, for all our sakes.

pyramidshead1640d ago

It sounded bad when it was announced to be a kinect game, and looked bad when game footage was leaked with people using it, and when recent game footage of people using it..

It's a kinect game that's meant to have 0% lag which is impossible. Kinect will always lag which makes it flawed in a gaming sense, especially for a fighter game not sure what they were thinking lol.

FITgamer1640d ago

Waiting for the "Kinect Whisperer" Edonus to show up and say it got low rating because they weren't playing it right.

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Thegamer411640d ago

More proof that Kinect will never be good for gaming. Don't get me wrong though, I think Kinect is an excellent piece of tech, but just not for games.

GarrusVakarian1640d ago

Agreed, the input lag and lack of being able to do the same movements that you can with a controller with as much ease as a controller will be a problem with the Kinect 2. Kinect for 360 only managed kids/family games and games with very limited movement (pre planned paths on Star Wars kinect for example).

DeadManIV1640d ago

Totally agree, if Microsoft pumps out the exclusives like Sony (quality stuff) i would be willing to buy a kinect-less xbone.

georgeenoob1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

So you're gonna ignore games like Kinect Sports and focus on a bad launch game like Fighter Within to determine the future of the Kinect's 10 years.

Wishful thinking at its best.

Thegamer411640d ago


If sports games is the only type of game Kinect can do well then my point still stands, I wont pay £80 more for Kinect to just play sports/fitness games.
PM me when we see other genres that work well with Kinect.

Nicaragua1640d ago


Hey George, i tried Kinect sports Rivals on Kinect 2.0 and its just as unresponsive and clunky as the the original.

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andrewsqual1640d ago

But but but but but Kinect works this time.... said EVERYBODY who DIDN'T buy this game when they picked up their Xbox One today.

G20WLY1640d ago

If you're gonna make a camera-based fighting game, I'll show you the one to's 10 years old and was for PS2!

Check out some of the crazy moves this guy pulls off in his front room lol!

PSNrandom151640d ago

I think not even xbots were excited for this

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UnHoly_One1640d ago

Wow. lol

I have to admit, I secretly hoped this game would be halfway decent just so I could use it as a fun excuse to get a little extra exercise. lol

UnHoly_One1640d ago

Yeah but that doesn't look like fun. lol

If this was fun it could have had a dual purpose, but sadly it doesn't sound like that is the case.

DeadManIV1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

"Its worth paying for the xbone for Kinect (even though microsoft tried to butt f*** us) - it'll be revolutionary - gameplay experiences you can't have anywhere else" /s
To be honest it could be mostly Ubisoft's fault, but i dunno...

Yep1640d ago

Holy crap this review is hilariously written.

2paclives1640d ago

OMG. What is so hard about making a motion fighting game? I think ps3 move had one that was rather weak as well.

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