Xbox One Kinect Voice Commands: The Essential Guide

Dealspwn runs through the entire list of Kinect voice commands along with tips on how best to use them.

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NewMonday1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Gertzmann at GB did an extensive demo..

he has a clear voice but despite that Kinect ignored him half the time and gave false results most of the time it did.

FriedGoat1640d ago

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sprinterboy1640d ago

I don't want to sound like a hater cause from what I have seen its works pretty well but for me it's just not right, I don't wanna say Xbox like a 30 times a day if you know what I mean. In fact saying Xbox for the next 8 yrs plus is a great way for MS to get the brain hooked on there brand

KYU21301640d ago

i don't want to sound like a hater either but while the tech may be solid i have seen quite a few live streams with the kinect and it really does come off as a bit frustrating. Having to say Xbox every time you want to do something is irritating but their is also the dialect issue. I was watching the gamespot live Kinect review and the guys were having to repeat themselves 2 or three times to get the system to recognize the command.

like i said good concept/tech just needs a more natural workflow.

Gozer1640d ago

It actually works really well and is faster than using the controller.

nukeitall1640d ago

It is most convenient for smaller stuff, instead of navigating the entire list.

Example is, you are watching a movie and want to pause it or want to call someone via Skype.

Navigating around deep menus are often times better to just use the remote or controller.

Use the combination, not Kinect One as a replacement.

from the beach1640d ago

Spent most of the morning playing about with the voice commands!

Absolutely amazing stuff right here.

Crazay1640d ago

Good lookin' out. Thanks dude

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