Battlefield 4 has “one-hit kill” bug, DICE working to fix it along with sound issues

DICE looking to fix various issues with Battlefield 4. New one-hit kill bug plaguing games. They're also looking into a fix for sound issues.

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sigfredod1731d ago

So 1 shoot on the head killing you is bad?, wow i always think that would be normal, hell even a shoot on the head with a rubber bullet at close range can kill you, or a calibe 22 pistol too

bomboclaat_gamer1731d ago

did you bother to even watch the video?

MurDocINC1731d ago

BC2 and BF3 had the same bug, I had a feel BF4 would have it too, glad I didn't get fooled a third time.

UltimateMaster1731d ago


Because they blamed all the bugs on the PS4 when it fact they were having issues with the PC version as well. But hey, if EA wants to play the blame game, they're lame.

IaMs121731d ago

Any headshot should kill someone...

Merrill1731d ago

One shot kill sniping, yes. But it should be 50% when in a fire fight.

It's really frustrating to have someone turn around and kill you all the time, one shot and thier health at 1%.

Blackdeath_6631731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

as expected that one person who says "duh, its a headshot it supposed to kill" well A) its a video game and B) the game is not playing by its own rules. if it was supposed to a one hit kill to begin with then fine, people will go into the game expecting that. but when one hit is registered as 2 then there's a problem. also its not limited to the head, taking twice the damage for getting hit by one bullet is quite annoying

Onehandband1t1731d ago

Its a game, it should be fun, not realistic

Kyosuke_Sanada1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Then I am guessing that Gran Turismo is a snorefest? Fun is totally subjective, what DICE should have tried to attain balance between the realism and arcade BEFORE launch instead of focusing on DLC as of yet.

Gamesgbkiller1731d ago

Its a video game.

If they did what you say then where is the fun ?

fullmetal2971731d ago

Well I shoot someone in the leg with 308 round then that person should be on the floor with their limb missing but does it happen in BF4?

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WorldGamer1731d ago

I love BF to death, but I refuse to buy premium until this crap is ironed out. Ridiculous.

Starbucks_Fan1731d ago

The sound issues when it comes to vehicles is REALLY annoying.

Livecustoms1731d ago

So many issues, know i see why sales fell of drastically after launch week...

Adexus1731d ago

I wish I didn't pay for this game now, they don't deserve any money for releasing a broken unfinished mess of a game, if it eventually gets fixed then yay, but until then I won't be bothering to load it up at all.

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