$884 Mid-Range AMD Battlefield 4 Gaming PC Build

GamersNexus: "This isn't quite a "cheap" gaming PC build -- like the $425 LoL option we posted -- but instead aims to fill the mid-range market for gamers with a bit more change. This gaming computer is built specifically with Battlefield 4 in mind, though it'll run any game on the market with high-to-max settings on 1080p with 4xAA (or higher). If you're looking for a sub-$1000 DIY budget gaming PC for Battlefield 4 -- or other high-end games, like Assassin's Creed IV -- you've come to the right place."

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bomboclaat_gamer1761d ago

that money could buy 2 ps4s

the hell would i spend so much for a medium range pc

zeal0us1761d ago

If you're asking why you would spend this much then this isn't for you.

Blackdeath_6631761d ago

so true, i'm glad i haven't bought a GPU yet gonna get the R9 270X almost the exact same build as the one mentioned but on an intel i5 3570k which is slightly more expensive and also kicks up the price of the motherboard.

DeadManIV1761d ago

I am a PC gamer, but i would not go for that build, but i have specific needs - i don't really need an SSD, i would rather pay a bit more for a 7950, i'm okay with a 500gb hard drive (i delete stuff a lot and i can get more later anyway), i wouldn't bother with a disk drive. Also you have to factor in the cost of OS and other peripherals.

Corpser1761d ago

Can't even play bf4 online on ps4 if you only spend $400. Pay online for 9 years and it costs as much as this pc. And this pc can play bf4 in more than just 900p

classic191761d ago

ppl who play pc, play 100 hours a week i soreness. console players around 30 to 40 hours. life be calling sometimes.

SlapHappyJesus1761d ago


That's an actual statistic, is it?

Gster1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

I don't know how on earth your comment, and very good break down at that, got voted off topic, when at least three people who commented before you made a point about the PS4 or consoles, yet their comments still stand valid. I found your comment very interesting, eye opening and quite relevant in the current state of gaming consumerism.

Bubble + from me if it's any consolation.

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TheArkatek1761d ago

Actually $884 isnt bad. Just one of my GPU's in my rig was $600. Stop being cheap.

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DrJones1761d ago

I would consider that high end.

Blackdeath_6631761d ago

nope, not even. its mid-range or slightly above average in top 60 or 70% of PC's maybe. the new range of AMD GPU's really do help the longevity of the machine because of better optimisation and using mantle

TheEnigma3131761d ago

I built a mid range cheaper than that.

InTheLab1761d ago

Mine was about $700 and $300 of that was my gtx570 which is half that price two years later. Still runs everything aside from a few titles on high settings.

TheEnigma3131761d ago

I paid about $650.00 and it plays most games at medium-high settings. I'm fine with medium as long as my frame rate is good.

Lelldorianx1760d ago

If you spent $650, it's budget-class, not mid-range.

ATiElite1761d ago

I would of went with two HD7850's! and had a BOAT LOAD of GPU power for like $40 more plus be able to run BF4 on ULTRA with ease.

thehitman1761d ago

Why go for 2 7850s when you can just get like a 7970 or 280x?

ATiElite1761d ago

2 HD7850's = $230

7970 = $320

R9 280x = $300

Same power but lower dollar amount as HD7850 have been put on sale.

SO now u can build a PS4 PC for $460 (actual price SOny pays per PS4)

ATiElite1761d ago

Did you NOT read my post and see teh PRICE chart I made.

saving $70 to $100 dollars for the same POWER can get you a few more games.

SlapHappyJesus1761d ago

Let's be honest.
With those GPU setups, how do you afford CPU, PSU, motherboard, OS, RAM and a case and still hit that $460 mark?

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