First Look Video - The Pinball Arcade (PS4)

PS Nation has the game, and the lighting updates alone make it a worthwhile upgrade

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PoSTedUP1761d ago

never played bride of pinbot as a kid so once i got over a billion i havent gone back to it, still a good table.

psvita plays better than the ps3 version, the ball shoots and moves quicker closer to real life. only slightly, but deff noticeably. and the response of the flippers are a little quicker (hardly noticeable). all enough for me to play the vita version 99% of the time.

looks sick. doesnt look like they improved the physics tho, looks like we still cant do a drop catch. i cant wait for this tho!

both zen2 and pinball arcade offer something good for pinball fans.

teedogg801761d ago

I got this on Vita and I'm wondering if I will be able to get this free on PS4.

PoSTedUP1761d ago

nah its not crossbuy with ps4.

toddybad1761d ago

So I've seen this game at just under £30 online. Does that version have all tables open now and forever? or do you have to buy the game and then all the tables? if it's the latter they can sod off if it's the former I'm up for that!

PoSTedUP1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

hmmz, dunno the £30 one youre talking about. i know that on the psvita n ps3 the game is $10 and comes with 4 tables. each table pack is $5 for 2 tables, 3 tables (T2, twlightzone, starterkTNG) are $5 a piece. proupgrade packs (more options) are $7 a 2-table pack. a season pass for all the tables is $30, and there are two sesons worth of tables (maybe like 16-17 each season). $40 for a pro-upgradeed season pass. etc.

the game is expensive and will take your money. they do a awesome job (for the most part) at recreating each table to the real-life counterpart.

Zen2 is fun, its like $2.50 a table, $10 for a 4-table pack. it comes with more options & operators menu, but they arent real tables (still good tho). the physics are good but different and there is a lot of animations, better sounds imo and it look better (at least on the vita).

it depends on what kind of a player you are and what you prefer. i recommend both of them, but i like Pinball Arcade a lot more due to the real tables that i played on growing up.

toddybad1761d ago

Cheers, that's one of the first useful replies I've ever had on here!

PoSTedUP1761d ago

anytime! im curious to know what you think about that and what kind of a player you are (new/casual?, love pinball?). i hope i provided good recommendations for you. cheers!

toddybad1760d ago

With a decent amount of tables (16-17) I don't have an issue with a season pack. The individual prices seem steep when taken alone though bizarrely. I'm not a fan of extra content and tend to think a game should release with all it's content first time around. Then again I'm not a fan of sequels or never ending series either (Assassins Creeds 45, Battlefield 23 etc).

I'm fairly casual although I play all the time - I tend to hop between games. Never been great at shooters or fighters so will never be seen as serious! Had 360 for a couple of years and now moving to PS4 so interested to see the differences - particularly likeing the look of some of the PS indie stuff on the horizon - doki doki, resogun, trine 2 (is it called that) etc.
bit bored of 1st and 3rd person shooters!

PoSTedUP1760d ago

yeah the season pass is an ok deal. they have exclusive rights to the real tables, so they can charge w/e they want. not the best practice but im sure the license wasnt cheap plus believe it or not it takes a lot of developement for one table. i gotta admit they do do an awesome job (unlike EA and their NFL situation). i would try the demos first, TPA and Zen2 to see wht you like more.

and yeah i know what you mean, too many rehashed franchises kills the excitement for me and eventually the whole franchise. i play everything. Socom is #1 for me.

do youhave a psp ds 3ds or vita? id recommend any one of thoes, especially a psp because its cheap and has a ton of games. im getting a ps4 as well, its gonna have a lot of indies and a lot of pc games are making the jump to playstation like DayZ etc. its gonna be awesome! cheers : )