Amazon UK failing to deliver some Xbox Ones at launch

Reports are coming in of Amazon UK not fulfilling Day One release promises as rumours mount over the relationship with their courier service.

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kiz26941704d ago

Oh dear, hope this doesn't affect the PS4 UK launch next week :/

Livecustoms1704d ago

Thats why i did the clever thing and avoid amazon they always fail on any launch, games and consoles !

GarrusVakarian1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

They have always been great for my games, fingers crossed my PS4 comes on release day, ive had the thing pre ordered for almost 6 months!.

Pintheshadows1704d ago

I always avoid the obvious retailers. I don't know why. With the PS3 I preordered (didn't really have to) from a tiny Virgin Outlet store. This time I went with Sainsbury. I like being able to go in and actually get it myself. Not rely on a warehouse worker.

No offense meant to warehouse workers but I imagine you are all like the burly dockworkers of Liverpool during the 70's. Basically, you can't be trusted.

Maybe I did mean offense.

JsonHenry1704d ago

I've never had trouble with Amazon in the US. Hopefully they get things squared away over there.

a08andan1704d ago

Well I don't know how the delivery system works in the UK, but can't you track packages once they are sent out to see where they are at? I live in Sweden and all packages gets a kind of number that makes them trackable :) Very useful if you are waiting for a note with ur regular mail saying that you can go and get the package wherever it has been delivered. The note usually arrives the day after but with the number, you can go and get it anyway :D

Tolten961704d ago

Oh no I have my PS4 coming from

strickers1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

They delivered GTA late and I bought my son Kingdom Hearts 1.5. It took a week. Both on Prime.
Back to I have all my PS4 launch stuff with them, so fingers crossed.

Half-Mafia1704d ago

Better not happen with my PS4. Otherwise all hell will break loose.

PraxxtorCruel1704d ago

Will this hell consist of a phone call that'll do pretty much nothing?

Half-Mafia1704d ago

Either that to get something free for the mistake. Or shop else where.

Ipunchbabiesforfun1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Nothing you say? You mean like when Amazon 2 weeks ago cancelled my PS4 launch pre-order for changing my debit card? It vanished in thin air and i just got an email saying "your order was cancelled"

I flipped out and called and called and emailed til someone pulled their head out. Next day got an email from corporate and voila it was fixed and re-instated! Never accept crap from companies, they serve you not vice versa.

BadlyPackedKeebab1704d ago

I recommend shopto. They use dpd who have never failed me yet.

Goro1704d ago

Yes but it costs like an extra £22

lpking20051704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Its free with ShopTo.

Im really hoping its delivered a day early like they did with the WiiU.

BadlyPackedKeebab1704d ago

Ah dont tease me ipking.

The extra cost is tax dodging on amazons part though. While I use them a lot you have to consider they avoid uk tax then pay workers a low wage which is topped up in benifits and tax credits that are paid for by the tax payer. They are not alone mind.

vigilante_man1704d ago

Have gone with ShopTo as well. DPD so far have been great. They even text me on the day to say within what hour they will deliver.

But just imagine how many XB1s and PS4s are gonna be delivered. What a logistical nightmare!

Goro1704d ago

Amazon UK always fail to keep their release day delivery promises...when i pre-ordered COD Ghosts, they didn't even ship it until the day after release...


and this is why you pre-order from a retail shop so you can get it day one

sweendog1704d ago

Game HMV and Blockbuster have all been in administration in the last 12 months. Look at the problems Blockbuster are having not being able to meet pre orders, they even gave a deadline on writing to them or you wont get any money back. Would rather have it a day late than worry about my local store going bust all year

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