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Submitted by Nike 813d ago | news

Albert Penello Clarifies Xbox One HDD Management, DVR Recording Only 30 Seconds and Day One Patch

"With the worldwide launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft is now busier than ever dealing with errors, hardware issues and other queries that need clarifying. Lead for planning on Xbox 360, Xbox One and Kinect Albert Penello recently answered questions regarding a number of topics." (Xbox One)

Update To clarify: The Xbox One is constantly buffering five minutes of whatever you're playing. If you want to capture a short, 30 second clip then you can say "Xbox, Record That". The maximum length of a DVR clip is five minutes but you need to snap Game DVR and manually record it. The maximum clip length for the Xbox One's DVR is NOT 30 seconds.

Dlacy13g  +   813d ago
Well its good to see the HDD clarification even though I assumed that was how it would be handled. As for the DVR stuff I thought that was readily known.
pedrof93  +   813d ago
Only 5 minutes ?
Eonjay  +   813d ago
Yeah 30 seconds. 5 minutes with snap Game DVR and you can then merge clips in video studio. PS4 definitely has a better DVR though because you don't have to start it... it is always recording. That way, if something catches you by surprise, you wont miss it.
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Blackdeath_663  +   813d ago
yes we've known that for some time now i think
Gridloc  +   813d ago
Kind of a bummer that you don't have a full screen to play when recording. Hope they change that.
PoSTedUP  +   813d ago
@eonjay- yeah the only time i ever want to record something is when im not recording it. the truly incredible moments happen when you least expect them.
UltimateMaster  +   813d ago
At first it was 5 minutes, then they said there wasn't a limit, now it's 30 seconds.
OH yeah, everyone wants to quit their current game just record a certain gaming footage.
In game, they can only record 30 second.
For the 5 minutes, they need to exit the game and start a manual recording... so much for kinect, huh.
I think I'll stick with the easy Share Button or External Capture Card.
gaffyh  +   813d ago
I KNEW IT! I knew it was only a 30 second auto-DVR, but they used misdirection and said it was 5 minute DVR (not mentioning the fact that you have to do it manually). On the other hand, PS4 has a 15 minute auto-DVR. I can see why they didn't want to mention it.
thisismyaccount  +   813d ago
Let me see, with the PS4 you get up to 15min footage by using the share button. On the XB1 you get up to 30 seconds only, for more than 30s you have (i assume) to pause the game (to avoid getting killed) and start/snap in the DVR via voicecommands...

How intuitive is this ¿? Someone who brags about their pedigree (Windows, DX) can not do a better job? If you watch the 15min YT that floating around.. looks like not even the Kinect seems to work at all.

And now... these "Scammers" have the audacity to spit on every early "adopter" for beta testing the unit:

"Microsoft to launch new version of Xbox One in 1Q14"
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Dlacy13g  +   813d ago
yeah kinda like all of a sudden there is a PS4 & Vita bundle coming that people were asking for way back when yet that news mysteriously gets held back until after the N. American launch. Guess there is plenty of "scamming" to go around.
UltimateMaster  +   813d ago
It says in the update you can't tell kinect to do that. Yes, you do need to exit what you're doing.

Alternatively, the PS4 always records the last 15 minutes in the background, pressing the share button simply stores that footage on the HDD or online.
Bathyj  +   813d ago
Ha, yeah Dlacy having something awesome like a Vita bundle but not talking about it til launch is totally the same as having a touted feature be hamstrung and not talking about til launch.

As long as youre reaching can you get me a beer?
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Livecustoms  +   813d ago
30 seconds ? lol
forcefullpower  +   813d ago
I though it was a full 5 mins of recording??
ShowGun901  +   813d ago
there are 2 different types of recording, one for 30sec, one for 5min. its a different app for the 5min one, that you snap to.
forcefullpower  +   813d ago
Shame you can't choose what length you want to auto record for.
ShinMaster  +   813d ago
5 minutes if you pre-planned things and have Game DVR "snapped". Otherwise it's 30 seconds.

Odd, considering PS4 records 15 minutes no matter what. Probably because features like this are built into the system so there's no need to "snap".
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mhunterjr  +   813d ago
What's so funny? 30s is the clip you get with the "xbox record that"'s perfect for automatically capturing highlights. If you want the entire 5 min buffer, you just open the dvr app.
thisismyaccount  +   813d ago
It´s funny... because we´re talking about less than a minute of what? of footage. If you want more, you have to snap in that dvr c--p and play Ryse in Window Mode (720p?).

Serioulsy... why cant they not use the xbox button to start a recording, as simple as that? PS4 can do it, others can... XB1 can´t.

But that´s is what happens when you put your focus on APPS!
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stiggs  +   813d ago

Another ignorant comment from someone who didn't read the article. Nice job.
Livecustoms  +   813d ago
How do you know i didnt read the article ? ARE YOU A KINECT !?!?!?!
stiggs  +   813d ago

So you read the article and chose to focus on the "limitations" of the 30 second quick record mode while completely ignoring the full DVR mode?

OK, that makes you look SO much better.
AlexanderStarr  +   813d ago
Yeah kinda suck for those who don't have capture devices. it should be like the PS4 and record 15mins regardless if you wanted it or not

@stiggs the DVR feature is pointless because you have to plan everything and do it within 5mins.. if you go on a killing spree that lasted longer than 30secs you'll be screwed
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Bolts-N-Rays1109  +   813d ago
No. The DVR is always recording. It only saves the last 5 minutes. If you go on a mad killing spree that last 30+ seconds you just snap the game Dvr and grap up to the last 5 minutes, instead of just saying Xbox, record that. That only takes the last 30 seconds.
ShowGun901  +   813d ago
wow, i thought 15min wasn't enough honestly... 5min just sucks LOL (not even long enough for an epic COD match!)
Detoxx  +   813d ago
"epic COD match!"

JustInTlME  +   813d ago
Wait….so I can't find anything that will even tell me my available space on my HDD?! (feeling insecure in buying both consoles now…)
BlackTar187  +   813d ago
you can see how much you have on ps4
USMC_POLICE  +   813d ago
So I'm confused 30 sec or 5 min?
ShowGun901  +   813d ago
both, its just the 5min on is on an app you have to snap to.
Dlacy13g  +   813d ago
its both... you can say record that to just auto snag the last 30 secs into a small clip or you can open DVR and get the last 5 min or tell it to record the next 5 min.

Edit: LOL... love that I got a disagree for posting what it really is. Stay classy N4G!
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CramShaft  +   813d ago
That is correct...a lot of people disagree with facts around here. It's not the context of what was said, but what faction they presume you belong to. Sometimes N4G is like a high school popularity contest in the comment section.

Side note: bubble for being helpful
mhunterjr  +   813d ago
It automatically the last five minutes of gameplay. It will create a 30second clip from that five minutes if you use the "xbox record that" command to capture a quick highlight. If you want to save a longer clip, you use the dvr app.
thisismyaccount  +   813d ago
"Xbox record that" ~while you´re playing (30 seconds only)

"Xbox snap in DVR" ~pause the game (300 seconds) and wait for it to pop up if the cr-p even works. After that :

"Xbox record that" .... Lets assume you are in front of a boss battle in DR3.

If you want that on "tape", you have to pause first (boss spot before the actual fight starts), launch DVR , wait for it and start recodring... all this stress for what? A most likely an unfinished footage of you kiting a boss for 5min... that endures for over 8min or so ? "AW man! Missed those 3mins!"

No matter how you try to justify this, its a complete failure. The PS4 records everything, fight the boss and hit share afterwards and share it without stupid voicecommands (3am XBOX DVR!.. who wan´ts to do that shit at that hour?)
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obliteratorFTW  +   813d ago
30 sec? Penello, have you again messed up your info or is that really true?

Thanks rashid for clarifying.
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Rashid Sayed  +   813d ago
Via Kinect: 30 seconds
Via Game DVR: 5 minutes
stiggs  +   813d ago

Perhaps you could read the article before making an ignorant accusation?
#6.2 (Edited 813d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
obliteratorFTW  +   813d ago
"Ignorant accusation" loool

Considering the blunders he had made in the past, you can't call my hasty accusation ignorant lol.
#6.2.1 (Edited 813d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
Dlacy13g  +   813d ago
This is the confusion you get from "questionable" sites posting up inflammatory titles that just confuse people who haven't read the article yet.
stiggs  +   813d ago

Considering that you have made statements like "Yes I admit, it (a 3/10 Ryse review) makes me really happy...this serves xbox fan right", you can't call my hasty accusation ignorant. lol
obliteratorFTW  +   813d ago
Yep, I have made those statements and I am damn proud I did, serves xbox fans like you right :P. And don't worry, I don't take accusations from xbox fanboys seriously lol.
#6.4.1 (Edited 813d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report
stiggs  +   813d ago

You're proud of that statement? Wow. OK, I guess.

We just have absolutely nothing in common. I don't play the childish "console war" game. I abhor ignorance, selfishness and bullying. You...well, you're you.

BTW, I have a PS4 and I'm waiting on purchasing the XBOX One. XBOX fanboy...not so much.
#6.4.2 (Edited 813d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
obliteratorFTW  +   813d ago
"I don't play the childish "console
war" game."

Yet, here you are arguing with me over this trivial matter, wasting all of your precious bubbles and mine too. Pffft
I know, I know, sometimes, you just have to correct ignorant people. Well, that's precisely what we have been doing here at N4g. :)
ELCUCO  +   813d ago
This confusion is all a result of half truths. Exactly why I cancelled my Xbox one pre-order. Went with PS4 and honestly feeling like I have no need for Xbox one now. I can wait for Titanfall 2 @ 1080p
stevej336  +   813d ago
Its only confusing when you don't read.
BlackTar187  +   813d ago
That's true but less true with M$ this is the company that put out the one sheet on game sharing yet it had zero cocrete information on how it works.

M$ uses one sheet data to further confuse the person reading leaving a false sense of being answered.

Im a hater yes its true but i still got my xbox for DR3 and forza 5
ELCUCO  +   813d ago
Actually...since the reveal, the more you read, the more confusing it tends to get. Just shows that not even MS has a clue what they're doing with the Xbox one. So much damage control.
mhunterjr  +   813d ago
What half truths? The confusion stems from people making assumptions based on misleading headlines instead of reading the FAQs and articles.
strigoi814  +   813d ago
i guess they should do the fine print method next time..they cant expain it soo well
ipach  +   813d ago
it's pretty annoying that you have to snap the DVR to record longer clips... is there no way to record longer clips without having to give up precious screen space?
cell989  +   813d ago
I still want to know if it always records automatically or what?
reddfoxx  +   813d ago
Well, lets see here...

Microsoft has dozens of patches and other crap going into their Windows 7 O/S, they can't even get that right over 1 year the O/S has been out..

Now they release the XBone that will have many software updates that will fix the damn thing, then create new bugs in the software to get patched in a later update.

Now with the DVD/Bluray having issues, well look at the company that we are dealing with here.

My friend went through 5 360's to my 1... but then again I had mine fixed since day one to prevent overheating since Microshaft does not have a good R&D dept.

I went with Sony this time and the PS4 hasn't let me down yet, BTW: so did my friend...
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   813d ago
Relying on patches has really been hurting our consoles and games a ton since last gen! It's a shame patches allow for us to recieve everything half baked!
XboxPS  +   813d ago
This "day one" update is causing too much troubles....
XboxPS  +   813d ago
I'm getting mine on December 4th.
Wish me luck.
cell989  +   813d ago
so let me get this straight, the xbone doesnt record automatically, it requires that you manually set it to record, and in top of that it only records 5 minutes, now if you say "xbox record that" it does a 30 second quickie.

What about those times when an epic online kill occurs and you werent prepared to record that because you literally pulled it out of your @$$, does it record it or you totally miss out on that?

On the Ps4 it constantly records the last 15 minutes of gameplay, so theres no way you can ever miss something of epic proportions.

If true about the xbone, thats pretty crappy, almost seems to me that when they heard back in February that the PS4 would record gameplay automatically, they went back to the drawing board and slapped the feature into the xbones OS. Its just not as robust as the PS4s version, correct me if Im wrong people
kewlkat007  +   813d ago
It's amazing the people complaining don't have xbox ones and they still don't get how it works...
NeoTribe  +   813d ago
X1 dvr is lame. If you do something crazy or impressive in a game, your not gonna have it recorded because it has to be manually turned on. Ps4 is recording 24/7 just incaee you do something cool. There recording is pretty much useless.

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