Xbox One Kinect won't recognise you after a hair cut

Gamereactor writes: "We've been at it for just over a week now, and with your Xbox One you'll get the brand new Kinect sensor. With this you can get logged in (once you've made all the necessary calibrations) to your Xbox One autmatically as it has your biometrics down. This means the sensor is capable of pairing the player in front of the screen with the appropriate Xbox Live account.

However, if you make some radical changes to your appearance - such as a visit to the barbershop - you won't be recognised. This was something we experienced (see the before and after pictures)."

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DarkLordMalik979d ago

Even my friends wouldn't recognize me if i had the same hair cut as the one in OP

FANTA1180979d ago

same here , thats a serious haircut.

G20WLY979d ago

So you have to re-introduce yourself to your XBone every 'Movember'? lol :P

Utalkin2me979d ago

I mean it can "Read your Heartbeat", but why can it not recognize your facial features?

FANTA1180979d ago


i have no idea , ill let you know when i cut my hair.

its not a big concern for me.

N4g_null979d ago

Lol sluaghter.... sony has the best trolls.

SilentNegotiator979d ago (Edited 979d ago )

But by some funny measure, some people might expect an IR camera to still recognize the major unchangeable (sans plastic surgery) features of your face.

And you know, maybe the world's biggest software company could have thought about that possibility.

sigfredod979d ago

lol the face is the same, the only change was the haircut, is not suppose to recognize your face?

Ezz2013979d ago (Edited 979d ago )

Xbox Kinect: Dave.....DAVE,where are you and who the hell is this guy? :P

j/k j/k

mrpsychoticstalker979d ago TrollingShowReplies(1)
Livecustoms979d ago

I was thinking about that lol ?

kingdip90979d ago

I wonder if having a cold effects voice recognition also

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The story is too old to be commented.