The PS4 Christmas Family Buyer's Guide

"While they may be all shiny and new, the latest consoles, like the Playstation 4, also have the distinct disadvantage of having a much narrower selection of games to choose from - which makes finding games for certain age groups a bit more of a challenge. To try and make your Christmas shopping a little bit easier, we've put together our PS4 Family Christmas Gift Guide - a handy selection of the PS4's best games, divided into the ages they're most suitable for."

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S2Killinit1698d ago

its going to be a good christmas

Livecustoms1698d ago

You got that right ! While everyone plays in the snow i will be warm and cozy playing the next generation :D

S2Killinit1698d ago

yeah. Although maybe I'll throw some headshot snowballs in between sessions as well (:

maddskull1698d ago

warthunder must not be a gift since it is free to play

S2Killinit1698d ago

hahaha true. damn cheapstakes.

Oagoz1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

I'm getting my son a N64....