Xbox One and Microsoft websites marred by problems on launch day

Microsoft's Xbox One launch was marred by problems with its online services early on Friday which took down the official website, as well as and Office 365, Microsoft's cloud-based software service.

Users were shown error messages referencing a DNS failure.

A spokesman said services are now fully restored and said it would update customers once the cause was found, though previously component failure and a certification issue have caused outages for Azure, Microsoft's cloud platform.

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Rikuide_Furame1548d ago

Poor Luigi - Mario gets the limelight and Peach, Luigi gets a faulty Xbox One. Cruel world.

SpinalRemains1381548d ago

Luigi isn't even a real guy ya know.


Reverent1548d ago

That joke went right over Spinal's head.

1548d ago
Ranma11548d ago

DDSOS attack by fanboys maybe?

Docknoss1548d ago

So far my xbox one experience has been amazing with no problems. Just good times and awesomeness.

Reverent1548d ago

Do you really think anyone is stupid enough to risk jail time just to prove an immature, unimportant fanboyish point?

The fact that you would merely suggest that seems to imply that you wish that were the case so you could believe it's not Microsoft's fault.

BG115791548d ago

Thank God they backed out of the DRM, it would have been apocalyptic for MS.

S2Killinit1548d ago

still. you have to wait a bit before it becomes clear just how large the problem is

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The story is too old to be commented.