Remedy’s Sam Lake Details Quantum Break’s Transmedia Approach

GI:In New York City yesterday, I had the chance to sit down with members of the Remedy team to talk about Quantum Break. The ambitious game will be coming to Xbox One in the future, and the time-bending action title will be different than anything you’ve ever played.

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Bolts-N-Rays11091767d ago

Sounds good to me. Can't wait to see it at VGX.

hankmoody1767d ago

Same here. Loved Max Payne and Alan Wake was unjustly ignored. This may be the one that brings them back in the limelight.

MrSwankSinatra1767d ago

Quantum Break, Killer Instinct, Titanfall are the only games i want for xbox one at the moment.

JackISbacK1766d ago

yeah all of them are good but also check out for
halo 5 or fable legends (if you have interest in rpg's) these are the well known and very succesfull series from ms especially the halo series and fable series is considered to be one of the best rpg game series ever made. afterall its your choise go for whatever you like.

--bienio--1766d ago

I hope so it coming to Pc as well one day!!😃