Xbox One Update To Fix Useless Consoles On The Way

Gamer Living contacted Xbox One support about their console and got the skinny on an update that should be releasing sometime tonight to fix some problems people are having with their Xbox Ones.

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Mister_Dawg1766d ago

Yeah the PS4 certainly was. Thanks for the update dude. :P

LordDhampire1766d ago

Head over to the xbox forums, you'll disagree

People are going ham, lots of broken xboxes

ThanatosDMC1766d ago

HAHAHA! That made me laugh so early in the morning. Thanks.

True_Samurai1766d ago

@xsilver Blod, Rlod, consoles bricking, and being DOA

Xsilver1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Blod, Rlod, consoles bricking, and being DOA and that happened to what percent again oh yeah and Sony gave people new consoles for their troubles :/ worst console launch my ass your trying too hard now.

CGI-Quality1766d ago

I'd love to hear how you can rationally explain this one, but I'm not expecting any miracles.

@ scissor: I'd wait on Microsoft's official word before we can say if it's "worse" than the 360. I'd bet my bottom dollar that it isn't.

Goku7811766d ago

PS4 was record breaking, but unfortunately the guy from Neogaf was right, a lot of $500 bricks were sold yesterday.

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N4g_null1766d ago

Ok pr meltdown check!

crazy ken like firing of ceo check!
No real exclusives they any one wants on luanch day check!
mediocre games released check!
possible drm hiding in plain sight lol check!
the most trolled luanch by another manufacturer check!
competition has some what similar problems yet sells a million day one check!
the nintendo on sluaght is coming check!
I could go on but damn... I could luanch a console with pc parts and throw steam on it and do better... wtf ms.

this gen is going to be hilarious.... I told everyone from devs to gamers to wait it out, ms is the first victim of the hype train derailing. Im going to need lots of popcorn I see.

TRD4L1fe1766d ago

Mine is working like a dream

N4g_null1766d ago

Get your xbox friends to post ms is getting sluaghter here.

SITH1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

I looked at amazon, 7 pages of one star complaints... not one single amazon verified purchasers. The troll train is in full effect. One person claimed their xbox sat on a green screen during the update, that is 100% normal and only happened for the day one update. I admit it is long, but it is normal.

LordDhampire1766d ago

No one from amazon would of got it yet, in north america at least amazon would just about start delivering now

Also go to the xbox forums and you will see legit problems, actual disk drive failures

Nitrowolf21766d ago

eh, it depends really. In the East Coast it's likely that many hav already gotten it, while central this is the time I usually (and got my PS4) get my stuff from Amazon.

SITH1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Yes you are both right and wrong as Nitrowolf pointed out. And I am not at all claiming there are no legitimate claims, at all, I am stating there are no verified ownership claims being posted on amazon at the time of my initial observation and post. I fully believe people are having problems. It is impossible for people to not be having issues. These things are not perfect... awesome... but not perfect.

robotgargoyle1766d ago

Yeah, mine won't arrive til later in the day. Here's to hoping no disc tray probs or green screens of death.

kiz26941766d ago

What if you cant get it on to update?

SITH1766d ago

Then do not play it because it will follow the DRM rules set initially by Microsoft. Your console will not be bricked in the traditional sense as in permanently. You can always still update it.

strigoi8141766d ago

100% failure rate if you dont update..lolz

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