Need for Speed Rivals Xbox One Version Promoted on Facebook With PS4 Review

"If you head on over to the official Need for Speed Facebook page, you'll find an interesting sight - one that might be removed in good time, but has been screencapped for your pleasure."

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HardcoreGamer1704d ago

they do it alot, its just soo silly. but what can you do.

JUST LETTING YOU KNOW my xbox one didnt work last night, only this morning it connected and i go tthe update. 3 hours of time waste, a good sleep and its working. just saying if it doesnt work give it sometime

xHeavYx1704d ago

To be fair, that's the NFS Facebook page, not the Xbox page

RedDeadLB1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

So what? It's still the same game.

Plus, look at the comments on the picture. "PC is the only thing that is next-gen" and "NFS Most Wanted 2005 is the best" are the two most common sentences when it comes to gaming and NFS.

EDIT: Okay, this is seriously getting out of hand. People are disagreeing left and right and they won't even reply and explain why. Fuck it, I'm done commenting. People are just way too moronic sometimes.

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5eriously1704d ago

This eXB0Ne debacle is getting sader by the day! Which it was December already (Blush)

Bathyj1704d ago

This is happening way to often now.

mhunterjr1704d ago

Mountains out of mole hills. Rarely do publications do separate reviews for multi platform games. The ps4 version came out first, so that's what it was mostly reviewed on... the games are identical.

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