Guy Gets 2 Broken Xbox Ones Within 16 Hours

Karam Elahi from SpawnFirst reports: "Gooseman1977 has run into somewhat of a predicament. He returned his original faulty Xbox One, only to have it replaced with another faulty unit. Check out the video below. It’s full of feels."

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Snookies121763d ago

Wow, that seriously sucks. Feel bad for the guy.

sigfredod1763d ago

Wow, thay guy sure have bad luck, 2 in a row? just wow

GrizzliS19871763d ago

just wrote a decent comment on another feed about the failure rate issue and i get dissed for posting a link to the support thread on xbox forums... idiots on this site amaze me

OrangePowerz1763d ago

What can you do Grizz?

I got down bubbled for.pointing out that boot from standby is not a cold boot :)

kneon1763d ago


Even with a reasonable failure rate someone is going to be the unlucky one that gets two broken ones in a row. It's just bound to happen given the volume of units sold.

sinjonezp1763d ago

Well, if he is an Xbox gamer, I am sure he will be OK with getting six or seven systems replaced if Microsoft track record proves valid. It really sucks though and that looks bad on Microsoft end. Two systems in less than 24 hours? Both broke? That's a serious issue. My condolences

Ezz20131763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

WOW, 2 in a raw ?!
that really sucks
i feel the dude pain

darthv721763d ago

What is he putting into the side of the system at the end?

From the screen, the COD disc is inserted. the eject on the front is not working so he presses the power button then he unplugs the power from the unit.

The unit would need power to eject the disc because it is a slot loading drive. Tray loading drives offer a manual release but i dont think slot loading ones do. If im wrong...sorry.

As to the game in the system, doesnt the menu offer the ability to eject the disc? Meaning if it is a faulty eject "button" the disc could still be ejected by command from either the controller or onscreen prompt.

mabreu1763d ago

Sh!t. That stinks. Hope he gets another one that works. Hang in there fellow gamer.

Smartypants1763d ago

The third time's the charm.

maddskull1763d ago

kneon do you the numbeer of xbox sales till now?

NO, no one know but microsoft and maybe they even dont know.

Blackdeath_6631763d ago

how does he expect the manual eject button to work when he unplugged the console?? am i missing something? i thought the discdrive needed power to eject

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3-4-51763d ago

Microsoft should just give him a free xb1.

SpinalRemains1381763d ago

Yeah that's nuts. I guess its possible, but you wouldn't think it unless you read about it.

lpgs50001763d ago

Come on man I'm a Sony diehard but this is the exception not the rule. Let's stop getting into mud slinging. Two great consoles came out and there will be faulty ones it's inevitable.

isyourhouseonfire1763d ago

still better than being caught playing a game on a PC

Blackdeath_6631763d ago

i would much rather be caught playing on pc than be caught using voice commands on any device let alone an xbox

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