Xbox One problems: Dashboard tiles not loading

Rich Berry of Xboxer360 writes, "One of the more obscure problems affecting several users (myself included) is that no dashboard tile images will load – this includes stuff from the games tab and the achievements."

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wantedboys1698d ago

what is BT Homehub and BT account?

kingdip901698d ago

Brittish telecom is what I belirve BT is

RytGear1698d ago

It's an internet provider in Britain, Stands for British Telecom. The homehub is what they call their router box.

Blackdeath_6631698d ago

if you don't know it probably won't affect you

Livecustoms1698d ago

Cant stop reading articles about bugs and broken xbox ones, im getting a PS4 but STFU stop whining its a console launch WTF did you expect enjoy both consoles and even the bluddy Wii U !

MasterCornholio1698d ago

Another issue?

That's normal for an launch console and I'm pretty sure it will get fixed.

Nexus 7 2013

GirlOnFire1698d ago

It sounds like 360.. too many ads loading. I hoped to god stupid Doritos and Mountain Dew ads were gone.