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Submitted by matgrowcott 807d ago | news

Negative Amazon Xbox One Reviews Come from People Without Xbox One

The Xbox One launched today, and, if you look at the Amazon reviews, it seems there are a good deal of people disappointed with their purchase. That is until you look a little bit closer and realize all but one or two of the reviews come from people who didn't actually buy an Xbox One. (Xbox One)

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GarrusVakarian  +   807d ago
Sad that people would take the time out of their day to do this. It happened on both sides of the camp though (you can see reviews from unverified purchases for both consoles). Pathetic.

I heard that all you have to do is pre order something for it to show up as a "verified review", then you can remove the pre this true?
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JhawkFootball06  +   807d ago

Try to find one that is a "Amazon Verified Purchase"

Comparable PS4 Reviews

Also this pic says it all.
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GarrusVakarian  +   807d ago
Wow....that really is pathetic. Back and forth banter about which console is better on websites such as this is one thing....but to be so bitter that you would flat out lie to try and put people off their purchase is pitiful.

Amazon need a policy change, you should only be able to post a review if you actually have paid for the item in full with proof.
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AlexanderNevermind  +   807d ago
I thought I remember last week the same thing happened to the PS4. Unfortunate...some folk need to get a life.
MELMAN26  +   807d ago
WOW...these trolls are
Angerfist  +   807d ago
Lmao I wanted to point out the same.

I predicted it though, we all know which fanboys reach new lows all the time.
JhawkFootball06  +   807d ago
Here is a perfect example.
Customer on Amazon buys a PS4, gives it a 5/5.

Then proceeds to troll, gives Xbox One a 1/5 "claiming" he has the receipt to the Xbox One.

Can't make this up lol

Example 2
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wsoutlaw87  +   807d ago
This is obvious, amazon orders havent been delivered.
InTheLab  +   807d ago
The situation is pathetic but I did find the one labeled "my apartment exploded" to be pretty funny.

His Xbox caused a fire so he jumps out the window and lands on a stack of PS4's which saved his life.

That's so stupid it's awesome...
Blackdeath_663  +   807d ago
they did the same thing for PS4's reviews
TheGreatAndPowerful  +   807d ago
>Try to find one that is a "Amazon Verified Purchase"

There's 2 on the first page and a bunch more in the later pages. But that's not the most interesting part, if you look at the 5 star reviews you'll see there are more non verified reviews than verified.

So can I get my cookie now?
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UltimateMaster  +   807d ago
The same can be said about the positive Xbox One reviews. So far, there are a lot of 5 stars without a purchase.

The same can be said about a lot of reviews both positive and negative on both said devices (PS4/Xbox One).

But please, people, don't base your purchases on reviews, base them on facts and comparison of the consoles instead of what other people says.
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Back-to-Back  +   806d ago
Take a look at some of the recent 1 star xbone reviews. Alot of them are verified buyer. Try harder.
GrizzliS1987  +   807d ago
or maybe, if you go to the forums of the official xbox website, and see countless threads on bricked systems, bad cd readers, and no audio video output, you would MAYBE, just maybe, assume that these exact people are the ones rating it down :/

i played it last night till 4am and had a blast, but i promise you, Sony announced less than 1% fault rate, and i dont expect anything less than 5% by Microsoft.


just to put a source to back up my claim
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JhawkFootball06  +   807d ago
You posted a link to the Official Xbox One support forum.. Lol of course all you are going to see is threads of various problems.

Look I can do it to.
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matgrowcott  +   807d ago
If you're looking at the support forum for anything, you're going to find people who need support.

Don't presume anything about failure rates at any point, for either console, until we find out official numbers.
MrPerfect813  +   807d ago
Yeah...give me the link to the I don't need support forum, cause people are going to stop playing their working system to post "hey it works" all over the place.
GrizzliS1987  +   807d ago
rofl freakin imbeciles man, where else am i suppose to look for feedback on the console? holy hell what retards
mhunterjr  +   807d ago
Haha come on man, you can't go to a support forum and be surprised to find people in need of support.
matgrowcott  +   807d ago

Depends what you mean by feedback. What feedback do you feel you're getting from the support forums?

Unless you're having one of those problems listed, the only feedback you're getting is that some people are having problems. Nothing else.
GrizzliS1987  +   807d ago

still not convinced ?
matgrowcott  +   807d ago

Again, I'm not really sure what you're trying to prove (or why you're trying so hard to prove it). Someone is unlucky. It doesn't prove that it's the norm.

Wait for the official numbers.
GrizzliS1987  +   807d ago
the issue here is not me trying to prove anything, but you automatically labeling me as a cynical just might be. 5% failure rate isnt that bad, but it seems you downright just want to ignore the problem as a whole for the sake of your beloved xbones reputation :/

spare me
Ezz2013  +   807d ago
isn't that's the point of those Support forums ?
people with problems will post there
why would people that have no problems with their consoles post there ?
BX81  +   807d ago
Yeah, what kind of sad lonely person does that. They really have to hate who they are. Just staring in the mirror at their pathetic reflection.
Chrischi1988  +   807d ago
All of this goes on to a degree, it is unbelievable and pathetic at the same time. This console war, this hype, this getting overaggressive, because somebody said something or disliked your console, OMFG, what is the problem of these people? These people do not need to get a life, they would simply waste it again foor something like this, better they are away.
Gekko36  +   807d ago
you hear about these PS and MS trolls and I think "There a people who could do with a new lung, or a kidney"

Just a thought.
kewlkat007  +   807d ago
Just fn amazing....dirtbags

@grizzlis1987: Come on meng..
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JackISbacK  +   807d ago
this so so disgusting that some people are great trolls ,games does not matter to them but what matter to them is that their preffered comanies to break sales record and to crush other companies ,these kind of people must not be called gamers ,they are spoiling the world of gaming ,amazon must take some action against these guys ,these type of trolls are spoiling the image of both companies in market.
ALLWRONG  +   807d ago
Amazon PS4 vs Xbox One reviews

PS4 1 star 802: most are "Amazon Verified Purchase"

Xbox One 131: most are "Unverified"

PS4 5 star 2,304 half are "Amazon Verified Purchase" the other half are "Unverified"

Xbox One 5 star 192: most are "Amazon Verified Purchase"

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cappernaught  +   807d ago
Yeah but at least a fair amount of the One start reviews for the PS4 were verified. I have yet to find more than 2 verified One Star reviews for XBone.
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NYC_Gamer  +   807d ago
It's real sad that people are writing reviews for a machine they don't even own
ltachiUchiha  +   807d ago
I agree. They need to find a way to only let those who purchased that certain item are the only ones who can write a complaint or is happy with the product. It makes no sense to even have reviews or ratings system if anyone is able to just go their & post a review or rating. Its pretty stupid, & if they cant do it then have a mod that checks for fake reviews or ratings from the review sections.
frostypants  +   807d ago
Right, because a company couldn't afford to spend a few bucks to buy a product to make a review look legit. Are you new to how Amazon works and is exploited? Book publishers have been pulling this sh*t for years. Verified purchase means d*ck. There are firms out there who specialize in publishing real-looking reviews on Amazon...the client will give them the money to make the purchases necessary for verified status. All Sony or MS have to do is hire the same dirtbags the publishers use, and I assure you they have.

What Amazon NEEDS is a way to filter reviews by Amazon rank...i.e., only see reviews from people who have bought a LOT of crap over a LONG time on Amazon. It's the only way to know for sure that a review is legit.
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ltachiUchiha  +   807d ago

I agree mate, that would sound like a better way to track these reviews but then again I dont even hardly use amazon but would use it if i could not find something i wanted anywhere else. Pretty frustrating to try an find a real review from thousands of customers but I totally agree.
Insomnia_84  +   807d ago
They provided pictures ans videos and proof that they bought the system at other stores and amazon is deleting the links. The problems are real and that's that!
sonofmrpsychotic  +   806d ago
Show me the link!
GraveLord  +   807d ago
Yup. Happened with the PS4 as well.
aviator189  +   807d ago
I went through them and pretty much all of the 1-star reviews are from non-verified buyers.
Ripsta7th  +   807d ago
Yeah seems like Ps fans are just more dedicated and loyal to their brand. I remember when this happened to the ps4 the user reviews actually had verified purchases. Now with the x1 almost all of them are non verified and THEY all read the same. Sadly this happens on both side of the console war
frostypants  +   807d ago
So MS hired a professional review-spamming firm and Sony didn't bother? Again, "verified purchase" doesn't mean it's not a plant.

And why are so many 5-star reviews only 1 or two sentences? Where are the 3 and 4 star reviews, with actual thought? Sorry bud, both sides are spamming.

I also find it amazing that so many "verified purchasers" have their consoles already. Sorry, but no f*cking way.
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JasonKCK  +   807d ago
Amazon shouldn't let non-verified buyers post reviews for anything. Same goes with Meticritic, they should require a Steam, PSN or Gamertag proving they played the game. If you guys think this is bad, MAC and PC fans really go at it in product reviews.
cappernaught  +   807d ago
Exactly. Something tells me they may implement this just for the consoles because of these loosers.
R0n0rve  +   807d ago
I knew this was going to happen.
JeffGUNZ  +   807d ago
This is why "user reviews" are skeptical. Reviews in general are just someone's impression, one persons opinion. If the game looks like it will interest you, either rent it to try it, or buy it. Too many people miss out on good experiences because some online "journalist" didn't prefer the game.
matgrowcott  +   807d ago
A games "journalist" (or games journalist, as we call them) has the job of reviewing a game. They might give a 3 to a game that's quite good fun, and they might give an 8 to a game that isn't very fun.

Depending on the site you're reading, score is always different, and you should always check how a site scores their games before you react to the number at the bottom.

But here's the deal: if you read a review, you should know what issues are present and then you can decide whether you'd be able to see past those issues REGARDLESS of score.

If you're just looking at the score, you're doing it wrong, just like if you're disregarding all reviews, you're doing it wrong.
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Douchebag696  +   807d ago
What a waste of time. Play your system and let people enjoy theirs.
curtis92  +   807d ago
Just have to take reviews (from ANYWHERE) with a grain of salt.
Chris558  +   807d ago
this happened vica versa
cappernaught  +   807d ago
Yeah but at least a fair amount of the One start reviews for the PS4 were verified. I have yet to find more than 2 verified One Star reviews for XBone.
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Billybobjoey  +   807d ago
I'm not a huge xbox fan, but sheesh people, use the damn console before you rag on it.
NoLongerHereCBA  +   807d ago
Would be good if Amazon changed their reviewing possibilities depending on whether people have purchased and actually payed for the machines (PS4/XboxOne/WiiU) and remove reviews when it is no longer the case.

Really sad that people go this far, doesn't matter which "side" they are on.
Angainor7  +   807d ago
You know what I find funny? That all these Sony fanboys, even AFTER they have their system, still continue to go online and comment on anything related Xbox. I thought that maybe after they have their s**t they might just shut up..but no. Their still on here..I'm guessing their system doesn't really appeal to them as much as trolling. It's pretty sad.
GarrusVakarian  +   807d ago
1) Not everyone has a PS4 yet, its still to be launched in some countries.

2) Anyone can comment on any article, you don't have to be exclusive to certain camp to comment on that camps articles. Some people are just gamers who are interested in all news and info.

3)Who is trolling here? I actually see people STICKING UP for MS here, including myself. Some people throw that word around way too loosely and have no idea what trolling actually is.
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Douchebag696  +   807d ago
I have my PS4 and have been playing it regularly, however, I am on this thread DEFENDING the XBOX 1. Gamers enjoying playing games. Quit categorizing people and quit acting like Xbox players didn't do the exact same thing.
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JackISbacK  +   807d ago
yeah for some people its true there are also some trolls on this site but are very less ,yeah ehis site is full of sony fanboys but most are not silly ,these people are unhappy with ms for what they did with them in past months but with time if ms does every thing right ,so i belive all fans be nuetral after some time and will focus on games but you comment little irrelivent because it also mention those guys who more cares about games ,if they found something wrong they have the right to write a comment which can also be disscriminating the issue ,please do not address to all users,we know most of these users at amazons are sillly fanboys but not every one ,i know issue is not that big but some trolls use to make them ,we must keep faith in comanies.
ElementX  +   807d ago
Just because somebody didn't buy their console from Amazon doesn't mean they can't leave a review. Yes some are probably trolls however I'm sure there are legitimate reviews also.
NoLongerHereCBA  +   807d ago
I agree with your point, but I would find it strange to go to other websites and post negative stuff. I'd rather have my stuff get fixed and focus on other important things than immediately say a system is crap etc.

Electronic devices always have problems when they get released. Hell, I somehow always buy expensive stuff which has faults. I never go and post bad stuff online though, since these things can always happen and people should take that into account.

I guess I would use reviews more to really say something about the system itself, than faults that can happen to every device. (It's a different thing if the device is x-years old and the Manufacturer never fixed an issue)
Ripsta7th  +   807d ago
No i call BS on the reviews. If you read them carefully seems like alot if then have the same wording and must be from the same person
Drekken  +   807d ago
I'm sure people are trolling to an extent, but people also bought from other outlets and cant be verified. There are videos out there of malfunctioning XBoxs. Of course this will all be downplayed and never reported by the mainstream media like they did for the PS4.
feraldrgn  +   807d ago
This is sad & has happened on both sides.
hankmoody  +   807d ago
All this is going to do is limit reviews to people who actually buy their products from Amazon, which is a slap to the people like myself who write honest reviews on the site, whether I bought the product in question from Amazon or not. It's things like this that make the gaming hobby look like it's loaded with immature dolts.
KingDadXVI  +   807d ago
This should be something that brings all gamers together to fight this fanboy bullshit. PS4 and Xbox One gamers can all relate to this and it is time for it to stop. Ostracize the bastards on either console.
Nekroo91  +   807d ago
this isnt sad ..its pathetic
TukkerIntensity  +   807d ago
Hey Amazon how about you only let people review things they've bought from you instead of opening it to the world....a little quality control.
SITH  +   807d ago
^ what this person said! That would save both PS4 and Xbox one gamers from the troll train.
Mr-Dude  +   807d ago
So all of the ps4 reviews on Amazon are real and confirmed ps4 owners? Because a lot of those reviews where fake also... but hey thats was okay. Now it's sad and pathetic...
matgrowcott  +   807d ago
You know, not everything has to be a comparison. It's pathetic whenever anyone does something like this, but the Xbox One came out today and so this is far more topical.

"People who attack one another for no reason suck" isn't an interesting headline.
Hicken  +   807d ago
I think he was referring to the attitude around here that had xbox fans saying all the negative PS4 reviews were legit, but are now proclaiming the fake XB1 reviews as what they are.
matgrowcott  +   807d ago
If that was the case: apologies Mr-Dude.
strigoi814  +   807d ago
if only the xbox side did not start doing such a thing nobody gonna do the same...
ELpork  +   807d ago
Twinblade  +   807d ago
Nothing but fanboys on Amazon giving bad reviews for both ps4 and Xbox One.
ruefrak  +   807d ago
The Console Wars have begun.

And just because the purchase isn't verified by Amazon doesn't mean a ton at this moment. A lot of the reviews were popping up before Amazon purchased units would have been delivered. But Amazon is a common place for people to go and post reviews. I've purchased a number of items from Best Buy and then left reviews at Amazon. It's where I go to get a wide range of reviews on items.
TristanPR77  +   807d ago
This is just the same thing the xbox community did to the PS4 on Amazon. I guess is payback time.
gpturbo81  +   807d ago
get a life loser
Stryfeno2  +   807d ago
So sad.... Where do I donate to fight this terrible disease?
SITH  +   807d ago
Please, make all donations to the (AAR) alliance against retards. Not one retard should go without being acknowledged for their total lack of contribution to making the gaming community better. With one small donation you can expose these pathetic masses of corrupted DNA so we can prevent their contribution to the gene pool. Call now and we will personally send a beast of a human to slap their momma and daddy for even bothering to procreate.

The motivation to pull off 7 pages of crap is disturbing. Only someone with significant butt hurt could be so motivated.
EffectO  +   807d ago
Not a single verified?

SITH  +   807d ago
Chicanerous, and deplorable.
ssar91tawi  +   807d ago
I fucking hate it when people do that. I am a Sony fanboy and will always be a Sony fanboy but this is simply stupid and moronic!
CramShaft  +   807d ago
This was totally expected. Some people are just professional trolls. Die hard xbots did it when the PS4 launched and now the sony drones are returning the favor. I thought we bought these consoles because we loved gaming, not the companies lining their pockets with our hard earned money. And for the record, picked up my XB1 last night and played with it til 4 am without a single issue. Quick update, game install took about 20 mins, and voice commands worked surprisingly well. I'm very pleased with the purchase. Gaming FTW...not specific brands!
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