Persona Teaser Site Reveals New Details

the teaser site has also revealed something. When you click on the five cities, each one reveals a specific location in that city.







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Snookies121761d ago

Ahhhh, hurry up and reveal it! This wait is killing me!

mrwawa1761d ago

agreed, I'm really hyped for it!

ThePsychoGamer1761d ago

Funny how five of these cities were also featured in the 5th main entry of a popular (in Japan) series, owned by Sega no less.

Coincidence? ... most likely

Honestly though, this makes it seem like the rumor that this is just for a music tour seem all the more likely

Snookies121761d ago

Man, if this is just a music tour, I will be forever disappointed.....

DCfan1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

lol. my bad, the excitment got to me, i thought they were people's names

Chrono1761d ago

Do they have to tease? Just reveal the thing.

Rockefellow1761d ago

There are six cities listed there... Great proof-reading

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The story is too old to be commented.