Check Out The Spectacular Forza Motorsport 5 Ferrari Featurette, Starring Phil Spencer and Gameplay

Yesterday during the Xbox One launch event Microsoft aired a lovely little featurette featuring Phil Spencer's visit to the Ferrari headquarters, and quite a bit of Ferrari-centered gameplay of Forza Motorsport 5.

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Abriael1703d ago

I don't see why. The game looks awesome.

Stick891703d ago

Ho-ly don't even. The two aren't even remotely close. This is an insane bait and switch if these images are real, wow.

James Vanderbeek1703d ago

is this real? looks worse than GT 6 on the ps3.

TenBensons1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Phil Spencer is a star? lol.

TenBensons1703d ago

Whenever I see his sickening smiley face I want to rage quit life :D

Hercules1891703d ago

Am I the only one that thinks that everyone wants to make Forza 5 look worse than it actually is. Unless EVERY single video they showed off is bullshot I think this is still a very beautiful game and I'm also glad that they decided to make it 1080p and 60fps from the beginning and not wait for the last minute, and also getting the details that matter right.