Eurogamer-Ryse: Son of Rome review

Nasty, brutish and short, Ryse: Son of Rome has emerged from a seven-year development hell as a visually resplendent, preternaturally dumb action game that exhibits a galling, monotonous bloodlust. As a gladiator in the console wars arena, it should wow the crowds, but it's not likely to keep them on side for long. It doesn't have the staying power.

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Walker1698d ago Show
Navick1698d ago

@ Mister Dawg

While I definitely agree with you and always feel the need to play a game myself before believing the hype or nay saying reviews... I couldn't help but notice your choice of word > "Discover", might actually end up being exactly what you do with the game... Disc-Cover... Leave your game in its case, catching dust on your book case.

omi25p1698d ago

I've been playng for 5 hours, Combat is like Batman Arkham. Graphics are STUNNING and story and acting are brilliant.
9/10 imo

GiggMan1698d ago

I wonder if the embargo worked and plenty of people where suckered into buying this game.

Personally I'm glad I don't need a preview/review to tell if this or any other game sucks. However, I have picked up some good games that I would have slept on because of good reviews.

Ripsta7th1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Im a ps fan and ps4 owner but fucking hate the hatred MS fans get on this website. Just looking at Cerbus commnet makes me sick , also the agrees overshadow the disagrees which shows most people on this site agree with him. Another flop really? You ps fanboys go all out when bashing the competition but when a ps exclusive gets bad scores its all the reviewers fault ,e.g. Knack,beyond 2 souls

SilentNegotiator1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Called it. Delayed embargo, harsh words buried in "could be good" dialogue in the previews, etc.

"Fun as dialing a phone"
--Game Informer
"A mess"

...who thought this game would be good?

dale_denton1698d ago

game of the year right here

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FANTA11801698d ago

played it lastnight , its pretty awesome its a very hit or miss game depending on the gamer.

rent it.

Ben Dover1698d ago

No that's just you. Almost every reviewer considers this game a terrible miss so don't even try claiming otherwise.

Mister_Dawg1698d ago

You might live your life by the word of others. Myself on the other hand, prefer to discover for myself.

FANTA11801698d ago

not actually its not just me.

but thanks for caring.

mdluffy1698d ago

Still remember the tweet from xbox-magazine laughing about killzone getting 7,4 on metacritic.
Are they laughing now? this got 6,1 :D

FITgamer1698d ago

Funny thing is on Metacritic every Xbox One game has a user rating below 5 and all PS4 games are rated above 7.

MysticStrummer1698d ago

User ratings are worthless. I was looking at them yesterday and someone gave Knack a score of zero.

kwyjibo1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Yeah, if you want the best mediocre launch game, Killzone: Shadow Fall is the one to get.

GiggMan1698d ago

If Killzone is mediocre, what's Ryse?

chrissx1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Yet Another 5/10. I've lost count of the 5/10s this game got. what a next gen flop

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