Face Off: Xbox One versus PS4. Every facet assessed.

Edge: "Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen consoles are just weeks away from making landfall. We go hands-on with the hardware and assess their every facet in order to shape our final verdicts."

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Walker1732d ago

PlayStation 4 the win !

sigfredod1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

# for the gamers

AlexanderNevermind1732d ago

Weird how they List Titan Fall in the release window for X1 but fail to list Infamous 2nd Son for the PS4 when both come out in March 2014.

Xsilver1732d ago

do you see my Profile pic I'm all about Second Son i feel insulted that didn't mention it and isn't the order next year too?

JoySticksFTW1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

I have to tell ya.

After watching The Spartan Show on Twitch tv all last night (where random dude and pregnant wife setup his own talk show using PS4 Playroom and Google Voice to take calls), I think PS4 wins the social aspect now also.

That was just incredible with people like Adam Boyes, other Sony top guys, and indie devs catching wind of it and calling in to support them and talk to people. And Shu watching and tweeting about them. Gaming personalities like Greg Miller trying to call in but the phone lines were jammed. It was witnessing something special and organic form right before our eyes.

The couple was awe-struck, and couldn't believe it was happening. It got popular so quickly, a bunch of Twitch admin had to swoop in and begin moderating and helping the couple. Dude, even raffled off his old PS3 if he got to 200 views. It got to like 200,000.

That whole experience really felt like THIS is the next gen!

Can read about it here also

Is happening again tonight I guess

xReDeMpTiOnx1732d ago

I think it's been established that the ps4 is for gamers and x1 is more of the multi media box

TomahawkX1732d ago

You can't go wrong with either, both are great and have their own set of unique features. The main thing that separates the 2 are exclusive games and it's way too early to make comparisons. Launch titles don't really show what these systems will be capable of 2-3 years down the road.

Valkyre1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

History though tells you that out of the 2 companies Sony is the one with the most and best quality exclusive titles. That is why they have been winning GOTY awards this generation.

That is also why in just 2013 alone, the PS3 enjoyed 10 exclusive blockbuster titles and more are coming, while MS has abandoned xbox 360 that has almost forgot what the word exclusive really is..

History also tells you that Sony is investing in a family of studios, not just writting off checks to get some exclusive DLC content or timed exclusivity or even proper 3rd party exclusives. Sony is investing in aquiring talented teams under one roof, sharing technology between them and enabling them to produce AAA titles.

MS wasnt smart enough to even acquire studios that produced their best selling titles like Bungie (Halo) Epic (Gears of war) etc etc now all those devs are going multi...

So based on these facts alone, the answer should be pretty darn CRYSTAL CLEAR as to which system is going to get more 1st party exclusive support out of the 2 down the line.

And yes, that is the Playstation 4. By a mile actually.

NoLongerHereCBA1732d ago

X1 is also for gamers, but it just features more stuff next to it. Because of that it probably has worse specs, but saying that it isn't for gamers is complete bull.

xReDeMpTiOnx1732d ago

No one said it wasent for gamers. But the ps4 def takes the cake for the king of the two for gaming.

And more features hardly.

IMO not one single feature from the x1 takes the cake over the glorious vita remote play.

NoLongerHereCBA1732d ago

Plenty of people have said it mate, trust me :) I don't think that, in the long run, PS4 will be able to compete with the Xbox One; App wise and with camera functionality. The fact that gold is required for almost all of it is absolutely bollocks though and is really a thing that is holding the Xbox One back of being a really great entertainment device, over the PS4.

I agree with you on Vita remote :) That would be really awesome. But to me it seems strange that some people always bitch about 60fps/1080p, but really look forward to Vita Remote.

But to each his own :)

Xsilver1732d ago

MS was never gonna win in the First Party Studio department.

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