Wii U Christmas Buyer's Guide

Dealspwn: "Nintendo's console hasn't had a great year, in the most generous sense of the phrase. Overlooked by third-party developers, suffering from confused marketing and going long periods without quality software, many gamers have written the Wii U off completely.

Which is a shame, because it actually deserves a second look. Exclusively offering some of the best games of 2013 across all platforms, providing local multiplayer shenanigans, boasting a fantastic controller and costing much less than the competition, the Wii U deserves to have a very merry Christmas indeed."

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kB01702d ago

Get Mario 3D world and Windwaker.

Done Christmas shopping over...that's all u need!

The_Truth_24_71702d ago

Wii u, "ain't nobody got time for dat".