Xbox One Launch Impressions | Have Microsoft Bounced Back?

Dealspwn" The Xbox One launches worldwide tomorrow. It seems like it's been more than a handful of months since Microsoft's widely derided initial reveal. We've had u-turns aplenty and constant mixed messages, but is the Redmond company bouncing back at just the right time? There are still so many questions to be answered, not to mention a few niggling technical issues that Microsoft could probably have done without, and there's still the matter of that price point... but can the Xbox One's rather impressive launch lineup make up for that?"

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Septic1703d ago

Good write-up and a mix of different views. I wish I could go hands-on and offer my view but alas...nope.

So after pre-ordering from Amazon 6 or so months ago, I've just been informed that my order isn't coming until tomorrow. Absolutely livid.

I booked the day off work as well. Well done Amazon....

creeping judas1703d ago

I'm getting my console today, it's out for delivery at the moment. But Future Shop didn't ship out any of my games? So now I will have shiny new Xbox One, but no games to play. Oh well off to the city to buy at least one game, once the X1 arrives.

giovonni1703d ago

Mine is out for delivery too with an estimate time of 3pm eastern time. Problem is no one will be here and I work till 8pm. To make matters worst I work 9:45 to 4:00 pm on sat too!

GordonKnight1703d ago

The XBONE needs to drop the price before I'm buying one.