Full Xbox One Future Games Trailer from Launch Event: Quantum Break, Titanfall, Watch_Dogs and More

During the Xbox One launch event aired yesterday night Microsoft broadcasted a lovely sizzle reel trailer showcasing the games we can expect on the system over the upcoming months.

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Kayant1731d ago

Great trailer to build up hype. Very well done.

Abriael1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Yeah, I liked it quite a lot, even if I was a little bummed that the quantum break footage was basically the only highlight of the evening.

Besides the dude speechless for getting a white xbox one. I'd be speechless too. That was a great moment.

Edit: my bad, I was forgetting the Ferrari featurette for Forza 5. Microsoft just reminded me lol.

KingDadXVI1731d ago

Looks great. Can't wait for Christmas when my kids open the damn thing so that I can play too.

Billybobjoey1731d ago

Wait a second...KH3 on Xbox? I though it was a PS exclusive. Interesting.

Skate-AK1731d ago

No. KH3 was never exclusive.

Billybobjoey1731d ago

I guess I haven't really been following it that well. Thanks for the reply.

Utalkin2me1730d ago

Yeah but you will get it 1080p at 60fps on PS4, just saying.

Convas1731d ago

I continue to be surprised by the sheer amount of people who didn't know Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fanstasy V were announced for both Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

LoveOfTheGame1731d ago

I attribute most of that to the announcement of no DRM from Sony, made people overlook a lot of things.

Was talking to a guy at gamespot the next day when preordering my console when we were discussing the PS4 and I said gotta suck now that you have to pay now for online multiplayer(most games). He just looked at my like WTF, lol.

Utalkin2me1730d ago

Yeah, you might have to pay for online. But should we beat a dead horse and bring up things like netflix and party chat is not behind a paywall? Or should we say you get thousands worth of games each year?

Genuine-User1731d ago

Great time to be a gamer.

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