Eurogamer - SoulCalibur 2 HD Online Review

EG:When SoulCalibur 2 made its console debut back in 2003, I already had the hardware trinity of the day in my possession: Xbox, PlayStation 2 and GameCube. When a multi-format game came along, I tended to buy it on PS2, so I had a higher chance of swapping it with a friend. But when SoulCalibur 2 appeared, the decision to buy it on the GameCube was a complete no-brainer.

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PurpHerbison1674d ago

Game desperately needs lobbies and a 2/3 ranked format changed to 3/5, then it's almost perfect.

darthv721674d ago

If namco was smart, they would port this to the wii-u and include Link. That would make it the total package right there.

PurpHerbison1672d ago

We don't need a Keebler Elf. I have said this before. Link was low tier anyway.