PS4 Version of Final Fantasy XIV Will be Showcased on December the 14th With New Info

The PS4 version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will enter its beta on February the 22nd, but you won’t need to wait that long to know (and possibly see) something more about it.

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Lovable1644d ago

OMG can't wait. My reason to buy a PS4

iamtehpwn1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Already love it on PC, and will love it even more on PS4, and I will definitely be playing it on my PS4 as well. I honestly feel as though FF14ARR is the best FF in the main numbered series since X, though it's a shame many don't enjoy it simply because it's an MMO.

Lovable1644d ago

I know what you mean. Primal HM is just a rush in emotion every single time. Story is pretty damn good too for an mmo.

allgamespc20121644d ago

its the one game that saved squarenix's ass, so now lets see that ff XV on PC

ovnipc1644d ago

The game its great. I want it for the ps4. Does anyone know if you can transfer the pc character to ps4?

AlexanderNevermind1644d ago

All your characters transfer from one platform to another PC PS3 or PS4.

JAMurida1644d ago

I'm glad they finally said something about the PS4 version. I'm very curious to see how the game will run on PS4 mainly performance wise. I'm sure they'll crank the graphics up, but if the framerate is bad, then it would all be in vain. I'm expecting good stuff though, if I base the PS4's potential off of BF4.

With that said, I CAN NOT WAIT until they release the game on PS4. I'm hyped to be able to live stream the game and upload clips of events/raids on PS4. FFXIV is the only reason my PS3 is still hooked up.

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