THE Best Metal Gear Solid Collection Ever-Must See

This has to be the world's greatest collection of Metal Gear Solid gear anyone has ever seen.

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ErryK1729d ago

If it's not my collection, I don't wanna see it.

Hipflask1729d ago

Much respect there - awesome collection. I'm jealous.

Wagz221729d ago

That's a pretty awesome collection but I can one up one of the things he has. I have that silver solid snake still sealed in its original bag. That thing is extremely rare. It was only available at the new York toy fair in 1999 and only around 100 were available.

ocelot071728d ago

That is pretty damn good collection. I do have all the disc bases MGS games including PC and Xbox version as well as substances version and exclusive UK cover version. As well as some of the MGS 1 figures and 20th anniversary figures.

But I do wish I had them big box collectors editions and the PSP collectors editions and the rest of the figures.

cell9891728d ago

I have a pretty decent collection as well, I got the MGS4 PS3 gunmetal edition singled by Kojima. I also have all the hot toys releases. I take pride in my collection been collecting since MGS1