Xbox One Launch Issues and Fixes

"Some early adapters are reporting technical issues with their new consoles."

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yarbie10001767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

7 Pages of 1 star ratings on Amazon for Xbox One - people claiming failing hardware.

The difference is. NOT ONE USER so far is a Verified Buyer.

PS4 has over 600 Verified buyers who have DOA units.

Just to put this in context .



LordDhampire1767d ago

Check out xbox forum, gold members xomplaining about tons of problems

No matter how much you fanboy the threat is real

yarbie10001767d ago

Agreed, forum posts give a much clearer view of what's happening over verified buyers.

ThanatosDMC1767d ago

I didnt know Xbone was Stereo only. No surround sound. That's not a good thing for a "home media entertainment system".

CGI-Quality1767d ago

No matter how it's spun, both machines will have their fair share of "verified buyers" and trolls. Minimizing one over the other shows a clear agenda, however. Fortunately, neither situation looks grim. Sony has a confirmed fail rate of just 1%. Objectively, that's below both the PS3 and 360.

Lets wait to hear what's what from Microsoft, but I'm not expecting a RRoD fiasco here either.

JackISbacK1767d ago

number are low but it is usuall that numbers use to ryse ,my ps4 was defective but luckily my xb1 is just working perfect but who know when some problem arise ,defective number on both will increase ,but i hope both will be able to solve problems as soon as they can. people must belive them all, problems will be solved.

paul-p19881767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

One of my friends just uploaded this picture of his Xbox One, i haven't even seen anyone else with the same display problem yet