Marvelous Xbox One launch night (videos and photos)

GameSpace: "You may like Xbox One or not, but you should agree that the guys from Microsoft can create really amazing events to promote their products. This time we are talking about the big day, on which Xbox One was released. The whole night many cities in the world were celebrating the console's launch."

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Die4Games1612d ago

Enjoyed this article. Thanks for sharing!

Bimkoblerutso1612d ago

I'm going to be honest...I tuned into the SpikeTV presentation a few times throughout the night, and it just seemed like a shameless XboxOne commercial every time.

Which didn't make sense to me, because everyone at these events is already there to BUY an XboxOne. They didn't need to "sell" anyone on what they already knew they were purchasing at that point.

RobbyGrob1612d ago

The reason why MS puts so much effort into their ad-campaigns is...

I don't even need to finish the sentence.